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Union vs. Marion

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3 minutes ago, sup_rbeast said:

The 2 big special teams plays put Marion out of it early. The bad punt snap put Union up 14-0, and after the big TD run for Marion, the ensuing KO return TD broke their back. 

I feel same way. If the big KO return TD doesn't happen, maybe it's a different game but you could almost feel the wind go out for the Canes once Owens broke it loose and scored.

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11 minutes ago, UniON_FoOtBaLL said:

Yea it probably would've been a different game but they wasn't gonna stop Unions running game period...

Without those 2 plays, Union still wins BUT it would have been tighter had Marion not had to abandon part of their gameplan that early and not be pressing for big plays trying to play catch up in the 1st quarter. Big special teams plays turn the tide of games like nothing else. In big games, the winner of that phase of the game usually wins the game.

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