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    hahaha, this is funny

    And Gate City had A numbers for several years opting instead to play AA before dropping down.
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    hahaha, this is funny

    I can tell you with much authority that Gate City has turned down multiple transfers just in the last five years! People are going to hate you for being successful, I was in sales for 19 years and won every sales award my company (companies) ever had and people just hate you for success. When Gate City was Single A, they were Single A attendance wise. There was no fudging the numbers! It sounds like Gate City pissed in Stan's Cheerios. But just for Stan the number of the day is 28!
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    Mance news

    One thing I will say, in regards to our 2019 season...from the outside looking in he did a solid job keeping our kids focused through what was unquestionably the most difficult year of our football programs history. We kinda dropped the ball in the playoffs... but it happens. We took the current 4AA State Champs (highest class in NC) to a 20-14 OT loss at UNC Charlotte. We kept our head above water competing in the most difficult conference by a mile in NC. Should wells get this job back in VA, Mooresville will be highly sought after.
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