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  1. I heard he was enrolling today & had to get VHSL physical. Now, if he’ll post that completed form to this thread, we can settle the height/weight debate 😂.
  2. I heard 9th, 10th, 11th, maybe 12th.
  3. IMHO, LCA shouldn’t be allowed to compete unless the VHSL makes them follow the same rules as public schools. Actually, they should have to compete with other private schools, period! I take back my first statement.
  4. Any teams besides Graham waiting until Monday to start?
  5. George Wythe also bailed on Graham last season . Bland certainly doesn’t deserve the blame for GW being short a game this upcoming season. I know one team from the district was not agreeable to Bland moving districts. I wonder if that team was GW. A coach buddy in Bland told me at the time back in 2020 but I can’t remember which team it was.
  6. Sounds like GMen had a great day.
  7. Anyone heard anything about how the 7 on 7 at Tech went today? I know Graham went but wasn't sure if any other area teams went.
  8. Kudos to Coach Tarter! Benefits the program in the long run though unlike some in other districts that are upset they can’t play little ole Bland County and have to find a tougher opponent. No knock on the Bears intended. They’re trying to keep the program going.
  9. There are some coaches that would rather play weak team for easy win than play a competitive team and possibly lose which does their kids a disservice in the long run. Want to get better find teams as good or better than yours to play is my thought. Maybe one of these district teams just want an easy W.
  10. I’d say AD & coach are trying to rebuild the program with playing this schedule. In the long run if its benefits the program and they become more successful then that’s a plus for the Bears. I hope they have a great season and many wins.
  11. I’d say they’re just taking the best route to rebuild the program which unfortunately for some district teams means not playing them. It’s my understanding, only one team in the district opposed Bland moving to the Hogohegee & that one dissenter prevented them from moving.
  12. Hope he gets healed up quickly. Hate to see any player get hurt.
  13. Richlands beat Graham in championship game.
  14. Graham is going.
  15. Anybody know what teams from our area are going to 7 on 7 at VT this Saturday ? I know Graham is supposed to go.
  16. You’re probably right, maybe kid wasn’t getting playing time he wanted. I thought he already lived in Bluefield , VA so maybe a matter of just going where he resided but again, I could be wrong about that too. Hopefully, he’ll be an asset to the GMen and they can find the right spot for him regardless of why he transferred. ✌️
  17. I didn’t mean to imply they did but wasn’t there a knife incident where a kid got hurt and had another kid bring a gun to school? Like I said what I heard could be completely wrong on all counts.
  18. Not sure of the truth to rumor but I was told any Bluefield player(s) leaving was due to safety concerns in part to uptick in violence at the school last year. That could be totally bogus but they do have some real discipline issues at BHS.
  19. Anyone know of any going on in the next few week? I think Graham is going to Honaker maybe today but don't quote me on that.
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