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  1. Just read that one of the best softball players (Chilhowie )in the sate in not playing. Does she have a scholarship in softball already?
  2. After watching the girl from Chilhowie last night she has to be in this group. She almost outscored rural retreat by herself.
  3. Okay basketball fans who are the top 10 girls basketball players in SWVA?
  4. Thank you I had heard that some D1 schools were showing interest and didnt know she had committed.
  5. Does anyone know if the Kestner girl from Chilhowie is going to play college basketball, volleyball, or softball anywhere? She dominates all three sports she plays. Just curious......
  6. Ive seen both teams play Galax more than Chilhowie and it could be played on Mars but Chilhowie wins. Too many weapons to contain. Galax just is missing something this year. I cant figure it out.
  7. I thought the Warriors were good but they're not. They are real good. This was the first time I saw them this year and they have weapons. Also heard they had two starters out on defense and will be getting them back next week. Wow!
  8. I have seen both teams play especially Va High and I believe Chilhowie wins.
  9. Not a big fan of this move. Opens up a can of worms for other schools to move down so they can beat schools that have 200 less students than they do.
  10. From what I can gather Chilhowie seems to wear you down. They have running backs galore and those running backs will run over you instead of letting you tackle them. This wears on you during the game and by the 4th quarter they are running untouched down the field. On tape the secondary looks very fast but do not turn around during coverage. Tough team and a tough out during the playoffs.
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