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  1. Salem Abingdon Radford James River Central Union Ridgeview Graham Tazewell Richlands Galax George Wythe Narrows Hurley JI Burton Patrick Henry Bluefield No. 13 Minnesota Texas Tech Virginia No. 1 LSU No. 16 Wisconsin Kentucky Detroit New York Jets Indianapolis Green Bay Pittsburgh Dallas G(s)otW Castlewood 68 points Twin Springs 42 points Chilhowie 55 points Virginia Tech 63 points
  2. Ridgeview Ft. Chiswell Alleghany Glenvar Central Gate City Lebanon Tazewell Galax Narrows Chilhowie Patrick Henry Hurley Rye Cove Castlewood Eastside Rural Retreat Bluefield No. 13 Wisconsin Western Ky. No. 2 LSU Virginia South Carolina No. 8 Note Dame Buffalo Tennessee Jacksonville Houston Green Bay GotW Richlands 35 pts
  3. Pulaski Co. James River Radford Union Gate City Ridgeview Graham Castlewood Richlands Bluefield Narrows JI Burton Hurley Thomas Walker Twin Springs Rye Cove Chilhowie Holston Florida Atlantic No. 5 Oklahoma No. 12 Oregon Virginia North Carolina No. 13 Utah No. 7 Penn St. No. 1 Alabama Jacksonville Indianapolis New York Giants Baltimore Philadelphia GotW Galax 66 pts
  4. Pulaski Co. Abingdon Carroll Co. Galax Radford Central Gate City Lee Graham Tazewell Auburn Narrows JI Burton Hurley River View, WV Eastside Thomas Walker Castlewood Patrick Henry Bluefield No. 20 Virginia No. 6 Oklahoma Tennessee Old Dominion No. 24 Texas A&M Iowa St. Virginia Tech No. 10 Penn St. No. 5 LSU Carolina Kansas City Miami Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Chargers GotW Ridgeview 36 pts
  5. Pulaski Co. Central Glenvar Auburn Floyd Co. Lee Union Graham Marion Chilhowie Grayson Co. Narrows Hurley Castlewood JI Burton Thomas Walker Patrick Henry Bluefield No. 14 Iowa No. 7 Auburn No. 11 Texas Miami Marshall No. 3 Georgia No. 25 Michigan St. Chicago Baltimore Los Angeles Chargers Dallas Kansas City GotW Radford 48 pts Gate City 38 pts Tazewell 60 pts
  6. Who quit yesterday? Was it a starter?
  7. Radford Pulaski Co Tennessee High Floyd Co Ft Chiswell Union Patrick Henry Ridgeview Eastside Grayson Co Bluefield Princeton Northside Auburn Twin Valley Castlewood Thomas Walker Chilhowie Holston Virginia Tech Virginia Washington Cincinnati Nebraska New England New York Giants Houston Jacksonville Dallas GOTW Honaker 63
  8. County rivalry. Battle has had two close losses in a row. PH has been rolling. WCYB game of the week. Should be a good game
  9. Pulaski Co. @ William Byrd (Pulaski) Abingdon @ Richlands (Abingdon) Carroll Co. @ George Wythe (Carrol co) Ft. Chiswell @ Floyd Co. (Ft Chiswell) Gretna @ Radford (Radford) Virginia @ Central (Central) Gate City @ Ridgeview (Ridgeview) John Battle @ Marion (John Battle) Patrick Henry @ Lee (Patrick Henry) Union @ Graham (Graham) Rural Retreat @ Galax (Galax) West Wilkes, NC @ Grayson Co (Grayson) Grundy @ East Ridge, KY (Grundy) Hurley @ River View, WV (Hurley) Twin Valley @ Northwood (Twin Valley) Eastside @ Chilhowie (Chilhowie) JI Burton @ Twin Springs (Twin Springs) Rye Cove @ Thomas Walker (T Walker) Tennessee @ No. 9 Florida (Florida) No. 11 Michigan @ No. 13 Wisconsin (UW) No. 8 Auburn @ No. 17 Texas A&M (UA) Louisville @ Florida St. (Louisville) App. St. @ North Carolina (App St) West Virginia @ Kansas (Kansas) Old Dominion @ No. 21 Virginia (UVA) No. 7 Notre Dame @ No. 3 Georgia (UGA) Cincinnati @ Buffalo (Buffalo) Baltimore @ Kansas City (Baltimore) Oakland @ Minnesota (Minnesota) Houston @ Los Angeles Chargers (Houston) Los Angeles Rams @ Cleveland (Cleveland) GotW Narrows @ Giles (Narrows) 38 total pts
  10. What do you all think about this one? First time matchup
  11. district: Holston Chilhowie Northwood Rural Retreat non district opponents: Castlewood Eastside Hurley Lee John Battle Honaker no offense to either team but they got TS and RC off schedule and added two stronger teams. Not a cake walk schedule IMO: Battle and Lee both 2A, Castlewood and eastside both on the better half of the Cumberland district, honaker and Hurley are both solid and physical teams every year. Wins don’t dictate the challenge a team poses. Look at the rest of 1D team for team these schedules aren’t that different.
  12. Bassett @ Pulaski Co. (Pulaski) Abingdon @ Gate City (Abingdon) Grayson Co. @ Carroll Co. (Grayson Co) George Wythe @ Ft. Chiswell (G Wythe) Giles @ Christiansburg (Christiansburg) Central @ Lebanon (Lebanon) Virginia @ Battle (Battle) Shelby Valley, KY @Ridgeview(Ridgeview) Tazewell @ Graham (Graham) Northwood @ Narrows (Narrows) Martinsville @ Galax (Galax) River View, WV @ Grundy (Grundy) Castlewood @ Honaker (Honaker) Rye Cove @ Hurley (Hurley) Twin Valley @ Montcalm, WV (TwinValley Patrick Henry @ Eastside (Patrick Henry) Twin Springs @ Holston (Twin Springs) Rural Retreat @ East Mont. (RuralRetreat) Bluefield @ Princeton (Bluefield) William & Mary @ Virginia (Friday) (UVA) Marshall @ Boise St. (Friday) (Boise St) Old Dominion @ Virginia Tech (VT) West Virginia @ Missouri (Mizzou) Texas A&M @ Clemson (A&M) BYU @ Tennessee (BYU) LSU @ Texas (LSU) Miami @ North Carolina (Miami) Tennessee @ Cleveland (Cleveland) Washington @ Philadelphia (Philly) Kansas City @ Jacksonville (KC) Indianapolis @ Los Angeles Chargers (LAC) Pittsburgh @ New England (New England) G(s)otW Richlands @ Union (Richlands) 42pts Chilhowie @ JI Burton (JIB) 56pts
  13. Ridgeview @ Burton (Thursday) (Ridgeview) Northside @ Pulaski (Pulaski) Battle @ Abingdon (Abingdon) Patrick Co. @ Carroll Co. (Carrol Co) Ft. Chiswell @ Rural Retreat (Fort Chiswell) Blacksburg @ Giles (Blacksburg) Radford @ George Wythe (Radford) Central @ Eastside (Central) Gate City @ Richlands (Richlands) Union @ Lee (Union) Honaker @ Lebanon (Lebanon) Marion @ Chilhowie (Chilhowie) Tazewell @ Virginia (Virginia) Craig Co. @ Bland Co. (Craig Co) Galax @ Glenvar (Glenvar) Alleghany, NC @ Grayson Co. (Grayson) Narrows @ Auburn (Narrows) Grundy @ Twin Valley (Grundy) Tug Valley, WV @ Hurley (Tug Valley) Patrick Henry @ Castlewood (Patrick Henry), Rye Cove @ Jenkins, KY (Rye Cove) Thomas Walker @ Cumberland Gap, TN (Thomas Walker) Twin Springs @ Northwood (Twin Springs) East Mont. @ Holston (Holston) JMU @ West Virginia (West Virginia) South Carolina vs. North Carolina Georgia St. @ Tennessee (Tennessee) ETSU @ App. St. (App St) Virginia Tech @ Boston College ( Virginia Tech) VMI @ Marshall (Marshall) No. 11 Oregon vs. No. 16 Auburn (Auburn) Virginia @ Pitt (Virginia) Houston @ No. 4 Oklahoma (Oklahoma) GotW Graham vs. Bluefield (Bluefield) 52 total points
  14. This one gonna be any good? should find out a lot this week. Will PH live up to the hype and win the hogo this year?
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