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  1. Battle of the Rebels! Thoughts?? I know PH is good and have been good the past few years. Does Hurley's physical play make this a ballgame?
  2. Hurley showing to much improved in their scrimmages. Tug beat them last year. Anyone know how this one can go?

    Gc vs hurley

    I think the rebels showed that they are much improved and ready to make a good run this season. They should have beat gate city and had their way with walker. I’m excited to watch these guys. I was very impressed. Much better than last year!
  4. What’s the word on Thomas Walker? I’m sure gate city will be a tough out for the boys, but how is walker?
  5. There you go! Haha. Yes the 8:00 game is Thomas Walker
  6. Just spoke to coach Cooper today and he confirmed that the game time is at 6:00. Twin valley will play gate city first, with the rebels to play them after.
  7. I am pretty sure you have those times flipped. I think it is Hurley vs Gate City at 6:00. Then, Hurley vs. Thomas Walker at 8:00. I have not seen either team play so far, whats the thoughts around these?
  8. Hurley Rebels 2019 Football Schedule Aug 16th- @ Phelps (Scrimmage) Aug 23rd- @ Lebanon (Jamboree) Aug 30th- vs Tug Valley Sep 6th- vs Rye Cove Sep 13th- vs Patrick Henry Sep 20th- @ River View, WV Sep 27th- OPEN Oct 4th- @ Grundy Oct 11th- vs Northwood Oct 18th- @ Honaker Oct 25th- @ Holston Nov 1st- vs. Auburn Nov 7th- @ Twin Valley
  9. Coach Church did many great things for the Hurley football program, not only as a head coach, but as an assistant for years. This rebel hopes he’s involved in the program in some way for the upcoming season and seasons beyond. Huge thank you to everything Coach Church has given us and the players. We, as a community, will support whatever he chooses do to in future, but again we sure hope he’s back in the program in some degree.
  10. From sources, Hurley has picked up: Patrick Henry, Northwood, Holston, and Auburn. Replacing East Mont., Tazewell, Pike Central, and Montcalm
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