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  1. Doors open at 5pm. All pre sold tickets are gone. 1,500 tickets will be sold at the door.
  2. You're welcome. Heard Pulaski Co HS gym holds 3,500, but the VHSL says it holds 3,000. I expect a packed house Tuesday. Go Big Blue!
  3. According to Brent Roberts, tickets will also be sold at the door.
  4. I would assume they would sell at the door. But I know a lot are buying online.
  5. Tuesday 3/5 at Pulaski Co HS. Tip at 7pm.
  6. GC played Martinsville game and still found a way. Go Big Blue!
  7. I disagree. When Zac got hurt, the team could have easily folded. Instead "role players" became scorers. If those "role players" continue to take shots and contribute, the sky is the limit. I think the team became better after the Ervin injury, now if they can put that together with Zac like they did during the 4th qtr at Graham, we can repeat.
  8. Any given night. GC must show up and play their game. The 4th quarter vs Graham showed glimpses of what this team can be. We finally clicked with Zac being back and he started feeling his shot. Hopefully the 6 days off doesn’t kill it. GC must worry about GC and play their game and let the chips fall where they fall. Martinsville looks long and athletic, GC must play good defense and prevent fast breaks while limiting #3 and #35. Go Big Blue!
  9. Alternating between Region C and D every year. Both Region D teams made it last year. Since Graham was the 1 seed, they had the choice as to where GC/Graham game was to be played. If both Region D teams make it to the Semifinals this year, GC would have the choice over Graham since they are the 1 seed and nobody from Region C made it.
  10. I agree, win the Region you get to pick, it’s only fair.
  11. Why can’t Wise Central girls play at Virginia High? It works both ways. GC won the Region D, it’s their choice, sorry but that’s how it goes. My opinion is that boys and girls should play on separate days because of this issue. Plus GC historically does not play well at UVA-Wise, not sure why, it’s probably a mental block. That’s why GC was tickled when Graham wanted the State Semifinal game at Tazewell last year. But Gate City has won some historic games at VHS in the past. Good choice by Scotty, Brent, and all involved to have it at the Bearcat Den. Most GC fans much rather travel to VHS vs UVA-Wise. Plus having just 2 games at each venue will keep fans from arguing over seating and parking.
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