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  1. You babies get tore all to hell after everything I say. I love it.
  2. Same has always been echoed at Gate City throughout the years. The kids at GC understand what it’s about to wear the blue and white. Sounds like a few more in SWVA understand it what it means to wear their name and colors as well. That’s good to hear.
  3. Lots of love back to you.
  4. Yeah some people just don’t understand. That’s why PV, Appy, and GC have (had) the championships they do. Pride and tradition means everything.
  5. That’s the difference between Gate City and everyone else.
  6. Let’s get this straight. They are performing for all the coaches, school, fans, and the name of the city on their chest.
  7. the first play is from middle school football. The rest are from the 2015 season (Sophomore year for Mac). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZnIwYdRgSk
  8. Happy for Coach Jeremy, staff, players, and fans tonight. Time to build on a huge win. Go Big Blue! Congrats to Coach J on his first win as HC. Winning at the same place as his father did (for GC) 10 years ago.
  9. Houseright - 1 Mance - 199
  10. Half: Gate City 14 Richlands 9
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