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  1. Reeds last team at Abingdon wasn't great they went 6-4 and were knocked out round 1. Reed had excellent talent in sturgill and co., Abingdon hasn't had that since. Reeds talented players made him, not the other way around. I also think Colobro was instrumental in that teams success. They were written off last season when Reed left, and Amburgey produced a good season. He's a good coach, their talent isn't the same.
  2. Funny thing is, you got triggered initially over me asking a question about a rumor I had heard. I only stated a fact that losing 3 starters was only going to hurt a already struggling team. Ive supported the bearcats because my nephew goes to Va High, and I go to his games to support what he does with the band. I'm sorry me stating that they were bad hurt your feelings. Why get triggered over something so insignificant??No wonder this country has issues. I feel sorry for you if something that small bothers you I mean that's just sad. Its pathetic that I get ridiculed for posting a question I heard over a rumor ?? I mean grow up.
  3. And this is supposed to bother me?? I'm going to totally enjoy it lol.
  4. Lol you dont even know me. Have a great night.
  5. I'm hopeful they can maybe beat Marion. Lebanon should have earlier in the year they lost it in the last seconds.
  6. Abingdon wasn't the same with the injuries, but its football and that happens. Good luck to Ridgeview and the Falcons the rest of the way.
  7. Reed had some studs, he wasn't as good when they graduated. Abingdon isn't the same with the injuries. Maybe would have been a different game had they had Lucas. Amburgey is a good coach, they just don't have the same level of talent this year it happens.
  8. Virginia High better than Lebanon ?? Well apparently not we just beat them..just saying.
  9. Well we aren't going 0-10 as you predicted. The Pioneers just got them one over Virginia High, so you were wrong.
  10. Lebanon is so young but they are going to keep getting better 13 plus freshman playing.
  11. For all those who said Lebanon would go 0-10....well the Pioneers just got them one. Lebanon 28 Virginia High 20 Go Pioneers!!!!!
  12. It's sad that you don't have better things to do honestly.
  13. Abingdon has been playing better of late. They've had injuries and some inter squad issues that have been fixed. I'm expecting it to be a good game. One thing is for sure, they are battle tested after contests against Tennessee high and Pulaski. Could go either way..I'm saying Abingdon by 1 td.
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