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  1. What are your thoughts and predictions Lebanon was close to winning it last year with small numbers and young team. I think I it was 35 to 28 with Honaker winning it late. My predictions : It will be close again. Both teams look to be improved. I'm saying the home team wins, in a bit of an upset. Pioneers 28 Tigers 21 Good luck to both teams
  2. Lebanon beat Twin Valley 13 to 0 and Northwood 20 to 7. The Pioneers are looking much better so far this year. Last year they couldn't beat anybody in the preseason. I'm still seeing them get 4 or 5 wins, wait and see.
  3. The Coal Bowl between Lebanon and Honaker is always fun and generally competitive. It's at Lebanon this season, I'm expecting a close game. I think a lot of people are underestimating the Pioneers so far. They will be much better this season. I'm not saying they will be a top tier playoff team, but they might sneak in. For teams like Honaker, Eastside, Central, VHS, Marion, Grundy and Tazwell, I wouldn't overlook them on your schedule or you might get a rude surprise.
  4. How did each team look? I know Lebanon beat Twin Valley 13 -0 and Northwood 20 -7. Overall what are your thoughts/impressions of each team? Any chance Lebanon is much improved over the past couple years? And becomes a surprise team as the season progresses?
  5. Any news on how Lebanon did in the jamboree?
  6. Any news on how Lebanon did in its jamboree tonight ?
  7. I heard from a coach that the Rye Cove score was 3 -1 Lebanon, and the Rural Retreat score was 1 -1. From my understanding the pioneers subbed a lot and tried to avoid injury and overwork. They are a young team that will keep improving. They also used the scrimmage to test and tune things. I would take most of it with a grain of salt. The running game will be better than you think. You are right they do lack size but they are more athletic than you let on. I think they will be able to spread teams out some. While they might not finish with a winning record, I as still expect them to win at least 4 games. They do have a lighter schedule than in the past couple seasons out of district. They are definitely headed in the right direction. The players want to be successful and they work hard. They are a team I wouldn't take lightly as the season progresses. Honaker will have their hands full week 1.
  8. I'm expecting it to be exciting. The bands numbers also increased. The schedule is also much lighter which will help them.
  9. No that was only a local rumor. They released on Facebook, that it was only an ugly rumor not to be believed. I don't think we have a lot of size, but we do have some athletes that could help. It will be interesting to see how they improve. I'm thinking 5 wins would be a good season for them. I'd say on a good day if things go well they will get 3 to 5 wins this season. Not great but improved. Give them another season or so and they will be dangerous I think. The coaching staff did an excellent job at getting intrest up. I think they are also making the wrestling team play which helps.
  10. The coach told me 44 total, JV might be included. So it's looking like 30+ at the least. I think they will surprise some teams.
  11. No Abingdon? Hmmm that's funny, they have one of the better teams locally and are the biggest school on this side of SWVA...sure makes a lot of sense WCYB?🤔
  12. Wow I had no idea thanks for the reply. Lebanon and VA high might be a good game this year.
  13. I'm going on a limb and say Lebanon wins 4 ...for the young team they have it would be a surprise.
  14. I think 4-6 is reasonable. I understand they have some talent but it's how the coaches use it that is a factor. I saw similar predictions last year, but it went South fairly quick and by the end even Lebanon beat them. My advice is to temper expectations and see what happens in the first few games. It's better to be an underdog and win more than expected instead of being a favorite and struggle. Good luck to Tazewell I hope you exceed expectations. I'm expecting Lebanon to go anywhere from 1-9 to 4-6. They are young but do have some talent if they can stay healthy. I think VA High will struggle some but I'd expect them to win 4 or so they do have athletes. Good luck to all teams, it's going to be a interesting season.
  15. Lebanon is the same way. Halls are filled with big guys who could play but won't as far as football is concerned.
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