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  1. The G-Men have heavyweights in Bluefield, Union, Richlands, and Giles (normally). I would love to drop Princeton and pick up a heavyweight in Kentucky, TN, West Va, or even NC. For example, one of the Charleston schools, or Belfry, Pikeville, Elizabethton, Mt. Airy, etc. Scheduling is tough though and easier said than done.
  2. Anyone have a link to which teams won the state titles and which teams were in the top 3 or 4 in Classes 1 through 3? I see Grundy repeated. Who was 2nd and 3rd in Class 1A? Who won it in 2A and who was top 3? Same for 3A as I see New Kent won it, but who was 3rd after Christiansburg finished 2nd? I looked on the VHSL website and can't find anything.
  3. So, Bluefield has 13 points entering the 4th? Dear Lord!. For Chapmanville to beat Fairmont by double digits makes me wonder if Radford could beat them or Fairmont.
  4. Bearcats, my comments were specifically directed to football and basketball, not baseball or girls sports as it relates to the Shenandoah. I acknowledged RE Lee in basketball. I'm not sold on ERs hoops schedule or football schedule. We agree that ER making the title game in both sports was very good, but the talk in football was that it's them and everyone else. The talk in hoops was them being equal to Radford or slightly behind, but without question, the second best team in the class 2A. All I'm saying is that in football, it was Goochland who actually had more athletes, and in Hoops, ER may have not been the second best in the state. I told you on here in the fall that Goochland may win the game in football. I've lived in the Valley area also, and I guess where we disagree is the schedule strength. I think it's fairly weak. We've been disappointed 2 times by ER this year when considering the talk and hype on message boards. What got me was the hype on a couple of message boards at how athletic ER was in football and whether Goochland could match up athletically. I knew better having lived in Albermarle County and familiar with both schools. I knew Goochland was more athletic. The Shenandoah fans even had people convinced that East Rock had more athletes than Graham or Appomattox in the final 8, and some people actually bought it. I'm not knocking the power of the Shenandoah in baseball or girls sports.
  5. Bearcat, they don't play the schedule. People took the bait in football and Hoops. Unless it's RE Lee playing for a Hoops title in 2A or Riverheads in 1A football, I just don't trust any team from that district until the title is won. That district has an active fanbase on message boards and they can be convincing, and many take the cake. I don't disagree with you Bearcat that ER was talented enough to win it, but it's hard to say they were talented enough this very year in looking what Radford had talent wise. If they are talented enough, then Radford winning by 4-18 points could make sense. But, winning by 24 or so points is a lot of points.
  6. Mennonites are slow to embrace a certain kind of change they view as morally wrong. I think the definition of "progress" is interpreted different by many. Be glad that even though there was no three point lines, they did have out of bounds lines and a half court line. The Amish don't even do those.,🎶😃
  7. Agree. Radford by 12-15 pts but hope to be wrong.
  8. Surry being upset for the state title? The chances are Zero. Surry and Rappahannock are far better then the west this year. Surry will be tested against Rappahannock, but they are about like Radford is to GC. Radford is expected to win by 8 or 10 points. But Surry is 15-20 points better than the two in the west. That game may actually be a margin of 20 plus points and anything under 18 points would surprise me. It's no offense to Burton or Eastside, but the west is kind of down this year and the east is not down at the 1A level this year. I posted about Surry earlier on here a while back and wrote they may be the second best team in 2A, if they played in 2A and that they could give Radford a game. That's true. Radford is 5-6 points better than Surry and Surry and East Rock would be a toss up. I'm familiar with Surry because I used to haul a tanker truck all through that area and still run through their every 2 months. The coaches son is a 5'6 guard who is going to Virginia State.. He will likely play college baseball as he's also one of the top baseball players in Va. They have a junior who has interest from , Hampton & Norfolk State (Div 1) , but not offered yet), and a 6'6 senior power forward going to Christopher Newport (Div 3). The talent on the Surry team is remarkable for a 1A school.
  9. Ervin easily 1 because of his height and ability to handle the ball at that height. That's why he has D1 offers. He can create, shoot with range, and finish in the paint. QMR from Radford is second over Dean in my opinion. Great quicks and with slightly more ability to create his own shot compared to Dean. Some in this thread have confused Radford's QMR, a senior, with their sensational football and basketball star PJ Priloux. PJ Priloux is a sophomore and the son of VT great and former NFL player Pierson Priloux. PJ could also be on that top 10 last right now as about the 8th -10th best even as a sophomore. Excuse my spelling of Priloux, it's off a bit I'm sure, but you get the idea.
  10. That you did Sir. Any thoughts on taking over in Blacksburg for Virginia Tech? Titles and your presence are certainly a historical trend.
  11. Bluefield Researcher, shame on you calling it that and I'm a Graham fan. Something is wrong with the world when the Beavers stadium voice leads with "Graham." tic. I don't know what to expect other than it being a close game. Graham's D will keep em in it. I said this earlier in Dec, the game this year for 2019 in my opinion, will be decided by Graham's offensive line (some new starters and some big losses even with Meadows returning) versus Bluefield's defensive line. To me, that will be Graham's biggest question mark entering the season and that is....the offensive line. The G-Men lose Allen which is huge on both sides, but everyone knows Lester's ability at QB and the G-Men have some good young one's coming up at WR to replaces those losses and RB will be fine, but I'm worried about the O Line, at least.....early in the first game of the season against a defensive line the caliber of Bluefield's. Gonna be fun again.
  12. I think Gate City and Martinsville is far from a slam dunk for Gate City. As a matter of fact, I think this game is a toss up or 50-50 type game. I hope Gate City wins, but I'm just not sure Gate City is 8 points better than Martinsville, and 8 points ain't enough to be confident at the High School level.
  13. Boneheaded move by the Graham coach. The protest at the coin toss was fine, but you at least play one or two plays of the game in which you know the ineligible players are on the field for Tazewell. If that happens, Graham would have got the decision and win, but by not playing one play, Tazewell should have that victory in the record books because ineligible players are only ineligible once they have played a snap and if the game hasn't kicked off, it's a forfeit.
  14. Question on Radford and Gate City. If both win, WHY is it Radford's choice as to where the game is played? I know there is a process for them being allowed to make that choice and play close to home, but my question is why, or what is the process? How's it work?
  15. Congrats to the Gate. The G-Men may be closing in some, but GC is still the King of the far west in VA Hoops. Gate City and Martinsville will be a classic thriller played at GC. That game will be well worth the price of admission. As for Graham at Radford, play hard at Radford. With defense and rebounding, anything is possible in High School Hoops. Go G-Men!!!!
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