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  1. Stuart's Draft is equally as tough in Region B as the two teams you mentioned in Region A.
  2. If Adkins goes to Ohio St, I will be watching the Buckeyes regularily, and I'm no Buckeye fan. I just wish Tech would stop beating around the bush and offer. I don't know if he like Tech, but I would like to see him there. This kid is a freaking stud. I think he can play anywhere.
  3. Lost their starting QB mid way through the season. Plays Hopewell this weekend and still, Hopewell isn't a sure winner over them, but likely.
  4. Yep, Shawn played at VaTech. Dave Rider was a man among boys at Big Creek High. He started I think 3 years at WVU and played on both sides of the ball at WVU. Dave Rider is considered by many, the best to ever play at Big Creek High even though it produced Bob Gresham.. That's the same High School that produced the Homer Hickam who was one of the "Rocket Boys," and NFL former RB Bob Gresham.
  5. Class 1. Riverheads Class 2. Graham Class 3. Heritage
  6. Central is very well coached. Watching 5 minutes of film on them makes that very clear. They adapt quickly to an opponent. They adjust, see stuff, make changes. That's a direct reflection of a very well coached team, especially on the offensive side of the ball. This Central team is the second best team Graham has played. If Graham comes into this game thinking, "it's just Wise and they aren't a threat," then Graham will lose this football game. I don't think the GMen will have that mindset. Tony will have them ready to play. I think the GMen are focused and hungry. If Graham plays their game, then we will win, but this game isn't a running clock game. This game I think will be very close at halftime. Go GMen and hopefully all players stay healthy and hoping for an injury free game for both schools.
  7. All fine. All great. Horn is great. Horn at the cadence? That's wrong, and it's in the hands of the VHSL now.
  8. I'm a diehard Gman and I told you, you pissed me off with the horn during the cadence and I came alive. I'm objective as can be and have had no confrontation ir arguments EVER since being in here, but you got it with your actions. I'm beginning to wonder what you boys at Union got going on calling one another douche bage. You were aware of this and didn't tell your buddy. Brother, this ain't duck duck goose and who likes who it or who is picking who. Popularity I couldn't care less about. Graham football, I do. Longtime booster and former player. I'm not going to stand for my kids getting rednecked by your stupid train at the cadence horn and I'm letting you know about it. This is a 48-7 smashing even with a low class loser sounding a horn at our kids when we were snapping the ball and not one apology from you classless clowns. Not one. 48-7
  9. That's because they were forced to tap down in Bullitt. That's why they troll.
  10. I always do my best to avoid bitter and sore losers that have lost, don't know their season is over yet, thus; they are trolling, but the lying and gossip hiding about their fellow comrades crosses the line. You know what else crossed the line? Graham High about 7 times on your own field crossed the goal line. Now, you get back in your hole and worry about basketball. The Graham vs Union game is over and you lost the game, and very soon, your horn is gone. Your going to have to deal with that. A message board debate ain't changing the outcome junior.
  11. I just read your message and UnionHammers. I want to make sure both are clear. I don't retract a dang thing because I didn't lie. I thought you wrote it. I will tell you this, my bad. I see where it was Union Hammer that sent me the message calling Big Winners a douchebag and you sent me an email saying that you knew about the email because he told you he did it. Sounds to me like.....both of you are sheeiiitting on your boy BigWinners. No, you didn't send the email, but you knew about it. This means your in discussion with the guy who sent it. That sounds like a lil bit** for both of ya. You Union boys better get along. It's going to be a rough future with the way the SWD and Graham is playing. After the big win by Graham, and the horn likely to be taken away, and me having you 3 clowns arguing with one another, it's just been an all out bad couple of days for you. Hopefully, we can bring a title home for you.
  12. Whatever beef you boys have amongst yourselves is yours. Graham won 48-7, and also, a victory that likely gets that horn taken away. You know what the definition of a running clock is, right?
  13. You are just full of anger that you lost aren't you? Good for GC in 2010 and Union in 2011. Graham still 1 and maybe, maybe 2. Union 0. We play for titles and expect to win them (not saying we will.) I'm interested in the email you sent me about BigLos.......I mean BigWinners. You had some horrible verbage at that dude. Bro, whatever beef you got with BigLos....I mean BigWinners, is between you and him. Right now, these GMen are playing solid football and as long as Coach Palmer is around, the future is bright for Graham. The same for Tazewell with their HC and Richlands always has talent. It's a beautiful future for the SWD.
  14. You boys better come to terms with something, It's Graham and Richlands time now. Along with GC shortly. Since Union combined, no titles. Since Union formed, Graham and GC have one each with Richlands playing for 2 I think. It's clear that since Union high began, it's really been Richlands, Graham, and GC devastating Union with the drop to 2A. One poster mentioned Union owns Graham and is our daddy within 24 hours after the second worst loss in school history (because Tony is nice). Fact is, it's Graham 1, Union 0 with a chance of making it 2-0. Graham comes off of the mountain to win titles not to get beat by a Region C or Region B team. We all know what Union and Ridgeview's problem is. The inability to contain speed and athlete's.
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