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  1. If I'm not mistaken, not that it matters but I think they put one of the last few free throws on Honakers side instead of Union. Should have been 9 points instead of 8. Union couldn't miss a 3. Connected on 10 of them maybe more. Bostic handled the ball great tonight. Overall I thought Union looked alot better tonight than last week. Honaker has some stuff to clean up. Turnovers killed us and giving Union to many wide open looks from 3 land didn't help. We gave Lebanon a bunch of good looks at 3s too but they didn't hit many. It's early and the Tigers should get better as the season progresses.
  2. Was gonna say the same thing. Our defense might have been crap but at least it made for fun action packed games!
  3. Lowe has kind of gotten overshadowed by Peyton Musick and the Air Raid. Not taking anything away from Musick, because he can absolutely sling it. Lowe broke the school record of career all purpose yards (5287) back in October. That coming with a 6 game Freshman spring season. He scored 8 TDs I think last year (in one game)on the PH team that made it to the Regional finals. Kid is a beast on defense too.
  4. Musick to Musick ×2 for 8 Hon 28 RR 28 135 3rd
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