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  1. Virginia high school league calling shots in wva? VHSL?/
  2. Any information on schedules for 2019. After December 8th we will need a topic to discuss.!
  3. That was a big factor in the game and the Blues letting 2 Union punts roll inside the 10 yard was big in union's favor.
  4. I have only seen Union once and I wasn't awed by what I saw. Graham will win this game -maybe big.IMHO
  5. The Blues will be the underdog , but, FEAR THE R.
  6. You are correct in your comments about my post. I have nothing against any Kid who plays for Graham. It is just that I remember the time when if ones team lost is was like the victor would burn the town.
  7. I will hold my nose and pull for Graham. No love for them , but Region D is us and we are one come playoff time.
  8. What if last year the Blues played Ridge View and Lee instead of Blacksburg and William Byrd ?
  9. If memory serves me correctly , I think they had a post season game of some sort at Gate City several years ago. Their coach was John Justice with mom I became acquainted with when he returned to Buchanan County . He was Principal of Garden High School for short time and relocated to Knoxville.. you statement about APPO is correct as I never heard any more about them until 2015 when they made an unbelievable late comeback to beat Richlands.
  10. I did a poor job of stating what was on my mind at the time.The only thing I will say about what I said is that in my posts I never used the word"hate".
  11. If a poster says he hates a team he must surely mean he or she hates their fans and not the kids playing the game we love so much.When your team loses a game to a rival -like Union Richlands or Graham Bluefield or Gate City Richlands or Union etc your criticism should be on someone other than the kids playing the game ! I bet a lot of the haters of so & so never played the game. My last thoughts until next season. Not a big BB fan ,but respect those who play and without pay!!
  12. I listened to the game and it came in loud and clear in Richlands . I may have missed something and I would appreciate clarification ! Did Union try an onside kick that went out of bounds or did they just kick it out of bounds?
  13. You said it best. Graham is the better team this year .
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