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  1. If Greg Mance retires as Coach of the Blues after this season who's gonna fill those shoes ?Hope against hope that ain't gonna happen, but what if ?
  2. Pretty much h the same as Graham W -L %wise.
  3. I was not comparing this year's game to 2003.I was making reference to the action Richlands and others did after being screwed in Bluefield. Hopefully , Richlands and enuff others drop them so that they have to go back to Charolette for the usual butt kicking !
  4. You folks say your Bears will be great next year. Ok , no problem with that prediction ! A challenge for you ! Schedule the Beavers in Bluefield and you will appreciate Kentucky Officiating !
  5. Virginia teams , be warned , do not schedule Bluefield .No problem with their kids ! It is 'HOME COOKING "
  6. addendum to topic -any official who cannot call a game without favoritism to one team at the expense of the other is guilty of cheating young men who have been taught by a sincere coach that clean and fair play is paramount. What message is sent to young men when it is obvious to them and others that the Refs deliberately made bad calls to favor their TEAM! One has to wonder how many of the wins Bluefield has won in Mitchell Stadium have been aided by FRIENDLY OFFICIALS ! JMHO !
  7. Richlands should end the series with Bluefield as it is extremely difficult to overcome biased officials when playing them in Wva. End it like RHS did in 2003 when any objective fan who saw that game will admit that the Zebras made sure that the Beavers would make the playoffs. I will refrain from making any reference to dishonesty here , but ????
  8. Nothing sucks like like a BIG ORANGE !
  9. What the f---!Transfers going some where other than Richlands and no pious protests here. Let's be honest here, if player transfers to somewhere other than your favorite team ,it is taboo and etc. BUT, if you get one it is AOK. I detect a bit of of HYPROCRICY HERE!
  10. I was at the game. The announcer introduced the Union Band while the Blues had not finished their pre game activities.
  11. Richlands beats Union, Tazewell beats Graham, Graham beats Richlands , Richlands beats Tazewell , Winner of Richlands -Union 2 at Appo-.Who from D2 W goes to Salem ? Pour me another shot, I'm on a roll here ! Best predictor since Pigskin Pete .Gulp, just one more little sip.
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