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  1. Yeah, keep replying to yourself.
  2. Anyone else picking up on that sarcasm in his voice?
  3. As of 4/27/08: (Wins) 1. Abingdon 9-0-1 (Tazewell , Marion, Graham, Carroll, Richlands, Tazewell, Marion, Graham) 2. Carroll 4-5-1 (Marion,Tazewell,Richlands) 4. Graham 5-4-1 (Tazewell,Richlands,Carroll, Carroll, Tazewell) 5. Tazewell 1-8-1 (Richlands) 3. Marion 6-3-0 (Graham, Graham, Tazewell, Carroll) 5. Richlands 1-6-2 (Carroll) Girls Record ( This is not official) Graham 7-2-1 (Marion, Carroll X 2, Richlands) Carroll 5-4-1 (Richlands, Marion, Abingdon, Tazewell, Richlands) Abingdon 1-2-1 (Tazewell) Tazewell 7-2-1 (Richlands, Marion, Graham, Abingdon, Richlands) Richlands 0-6-0 Marion 1-2-0 (Carroll)
  4. [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] hopefully Stinespring will pick up some slack this year [/ QUOTE ] Don't count on it...and the D won't be able to save his a$$ next year either... [/ QUOTE ] Exactly. It could turn out to be a 5-6 loss season with Stinespring handcuffing the offense and an inexperienced defense. [/ QUOTE ] That's what everyone in Charlottesville hopes happens. With one of those coming on November 22nd, 2008. But I digress. In all likelihood, the whole 10-win season streak will be snapped. However, the core of the offense returns in Glennon, Taylor, and Ore: with four linemen returning, that is likely enough to offset a relatively inexperienced defense...for the most part. Wide receiver play will be key, since the top 4 wide receivers on the depth chart (correct me if I'm wrong) are leaving. Little tidbit on the subject here: http://www.realfootball365.com/college/articles/2008/01/reloading_virginia_tech_must_r.html That is, if Stinespring doesn't sabotage it. I'd still trade Stinespring for Groh the Younger, in the end. My prediction: 8-4. [/ QUOTE ] I think we have seen the last run from Ore at Tech...I hope I'm wrong...but I think he's gone. [/ QUOTE ] Virginia Tech will be hurting if Ore decides to leave. What good is a solid offensive line in a smashmouth scheme with no powerful runner to take advantage of it? The second back on the depth chart is Kenny Lewis, with just 57 rushes for 205 yards last season. 105 yards of that was against William and Mary and Ohio, not exactly premium competition. If Ore does decide to leave, Virginia Tech might barely break .500. Yes, I firmly believe that. [/ QUOTE ] Ore won't leave. With the season he had this past year, nobody will want him in the draft.
  5. Something to the effect of, 'Why is it ok to call Colt Brennan a system quarterback, but when someone says the same about Tim Tebow everyone is up in arms?' That's far from a direct quote but you get the idea.
  6. Just saw another email from someone in Christiansburg, haha.
  7. In the live feedback portion of the show, when they respond to emails sent in by viewers, there was one from Jacob in Bluefield, WV. Just thought it was pretty cool to see that on TV.
  8. Richlands has sucked year after year because 75% of the players screw around at every practice. Most think it's only business time when there are other jerseys on the field and they end up getting smacked in the mouth. They may not have the best coaches but they'd be a hell of a lot better if the entire team actually put some effort in.
  9. [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] If you go by overall schedule, this is exactly correct. Virginia Tech's schedule is 12th in the nation, with a combined opponent record of 68-48. West Virginia is 48th, with a combined opponent record of 63-57. I'm just the messenger... [/ QUOTE ] So ur saying hawaii is the best team in the nation ? ? ? [/ QUOTE ] Hawaii's S.O.S. is last in the nation.
  10. [ QUOTE ] They have prepared all week for this and there is nothing standing in their way of winning except tonite!! [/ QUOTE ] Wait.... what?
  11. [ QUOTE ] how many people think hes overated? [/ QUOTE ] Not Frank Beamer. I'll trust his opinion over anybody on this forum.
  12. [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] I think against Clemson we did [/ QUOTE ] White jerseys with maroon pants. [/ QUOTE ] No we wore all white that game because they wore all purple. [/ QUOTE ] Yep, all white versus Clemson. Here's a highlight video with the unis on. http://vt.fanfoc.us/en/Post.271.aspx We should wear the more often, or maybe all white for the defense, and GT jerseys for the offense.
  13. [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] I think Fuller could also be used as a TE. I know he has played receiver in high school and he is pretty good on defense, but considering his size and his speed being about a 4.6, I feel he could fit right in as a TE if he gains some more weight. [/ QUOTE ] i dont think tha would happen at tech with the size of their TEs... for example... Andrew Lanier - TE 6' 5" 249 Fr. Greg Nosal - TE 6' 6" 271 Fr. Virginia Beach, Va. David Stanton - TE 6' 5" 236 Fr. Richlands, Va. Sam Wheeler 1 1 TE 6' 3" 267 r-So. Blacksburg, Va Andre Smith - TE 6' 4" 245 r-Fr. Germantown, Md. Greg Boone 1 TE 6' 3" 291 r-So. Chesapeake, Va. TEs in college are now linemen with hands... [/ QUOTE ] After a year or so of training I don't see why Fuller couldn't get up into the 240lb range. What is he now a good 205, 210? He already has the height, about 6'4", I'd say. I could see Fuller as a TE in the future. With Tyrod the starter, a more recieving oriented TE could be utilized with the QB's ability to scramble. We need a big blocking TE right now with Glennon a pocket passer. The offense should open up within the next couple of years.
  14. [ QUOTE ] Correct. All of the schools are in Cedar Bluff. And i agree with you Bigblue, it would be nice to see all of this become richlands. [/ QUOTE ] Incorrect. The schools aren't in actually in the limits of any town. The Cedar Bluff boundary runs, more or less, right throught the road/parking lot that's immediately in front of the high school. So, the schools aren't in a town, but the high school lawn is in Cedar Bluff.
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