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  1. Is have to say other wise on the bears having the best d. Richlands held a 1000yard passed to 3out of 16 last night. The d also held Blacksburg and wb running attack to the lowest games they have had all year. So I'm going to say a defensive battle. Blues in a close one 10 7 kind of game
  2. Will be a very good game i think. Mitchell hurt you as a wr threat with motion and all. Limits him at qb I would think. How has the team adapted to that have not seen them plag sense richlands game.
  3. Agree like tonsee a new team. And I'm sure th o the top 3 really deep down do not want a rematch with richlands
  4. So GC winning pretty much puts richlands in
  5. One question for everyone how is it that appo has gotten so much better than last year and the blues so much worse. The blues handled them just fine last year until the last six min of regulation. They never touched the blues side of the field until the end of the game. I'm just saying I don't see us as big of an underdog as you all say. Yes they are a great team but hey also know the only team that came even close to beating them last year was the blues that's in their minds to
  6. Hokiebird7 I have been involved with blues football before mance was there and I'm telling you brown is better but mance is not going to bench a Sr qb. Brown is in better timing with the wr. He does not lock in on one player. He is better it will show next year
  7. I think we have the better qb on thw bench than what's starting. People will see that next year. If brown was in now blues by 21. Somthing is going on in the huddle Cody begged for the ball all night last week. I'm just saying our Sr leader makes me scratch my head alot.
  8. I'll just say that in my opinion. The winner of this game wins state
  9. Everyone is counting union out. Just let me remind everyone appo lost their starting rb last Friday for the year. They said he may miss the basketball season. For all the richlands fans he is the one that scored in ot
  10. Tie break for the richlands appo would come down to drawing a team out of a hat. And the other rules before that do not apply they have no common opponent or a common opponent of an opponent lol. Yeach it gets really crazy on tie breaks
  11. ba961

    2A points

    Very interesting but you failed to say if they are 12 they get another shot at union
  12. ba961

    2A points

    Yes the field will be wet parking is the big problem
  13. ba961

    Tie break

    Thw powers that be would hate to see graham richlands 1 2
  14. ba961

    Tie break

    Wow so it's going to come down to drawing a name out of a hat is the way I read it. What happened to a good ol coin flip lol
  15. ba961

    Tie break

    I looked and looked and can not find the rules on the points if they are tied if anyone can find it let me know
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