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  1. Enka should have placed 2nd above Grundy had their 132# kid hadnt spiked his head gear and he won the finals. Team was deducted 1 point. leave that point and Grundy is 3rd.
  2. 106 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Ethan Blankenship of Grundy 2nd Place - Dalton Minnick of Abingdon 3rd Place - Adam Gibson of Castlewood 4th Place - Lucas Prewitt of Anderson County 5th Place - Brandon Combs of Fort Chiswell 6th Place - Chance Rose of Richlands 7th Place - Parker Stone of Rural Retreat 8th Place - Roger Hartley of Daniel Boone 1st Place Match Ethan Blankenship (Grundy) 4-0, . over Dalton Minnick (Abingdon) 3-1, . (Fall 1:43) 3rd Place Match Adam Gibson (Castlewood) 17-1, Fr. over Lucas Prewitt (Anderson County) 5-2, . (MD 11-0) 5th Place Match Brandon Combs (Fort Chiswell) 8-2, Fr. over Chance Rose (Richlands) 9-4, Fr. (For.) 7th Place Match Parker Stone (Rural Retreat) 8-2, Fr. over Roger Hartley (Daniel Boone) 7-6, Jr. (Fall 1:27) 113 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Kaleb Horne of Grundy 2nd Place - Blake Battaglia of Rural Retreat 3rd Place - Trace Hatfield of Princeton 4th Place - Adam Williams of Johnson Central 5th Place - Dylan Nichols of Abingdon 6th Place - Bryce Johnson of John Battle 7th Place - Tyler Herron of Central 8th Place - Hunter Miller of Cave Spring 1st Place Match Kaleb Horne (Grundy) 4-0, . over Blake Battaglia (Rural Retreat) 8-1, Jr. (Fall 1:30) 3rd Place Match Trace Hatfield (Princeton) 10-1, So. over Adam Williams (Johnson Central) 10-2, . (Dec 8-4) 5th Place Match Dylan Nichols (Abingdon) 3-2, . over Bryce Johnson (John Battle) 10-6, Sr. (Fall 2:28) 7th Place Match Tyler Herron (Central) 4-2, . over Hunter Miller (Cave Spring) 5-8, Fr. (Fall 1:55) 120 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Dalton Lawson of Johnson Central 2nd Place - Ely Blevins of Rural Retreat 3rd Place - Michael Taylor of Grundy 4th Place - Heath Sutherland of Castlewood 5th Place - Curtis Davis of Fort Chiswell 6th Place - Patrick Meek of Johnson Central 7th Place - Michael Hughes of Daniel Boone 8th Place - Austin Harlow of Belfry 1st Place Match Dalton Lawson (Johnson Central) 11-0, . over Ely Blevins (Rural Retreat) 8-1, Fr. (Dec 10-8) 3rd Place Match Michael Taylor (Grundy) 4-1, . over Heath Sutherland (Castlewood) 15-4, So. (Dec 5-4) 5th Place Match Curtis Davis (Fort Chiswell) 6-3, Jr. over Patrick Meek (Johnson Central) 8-4, . (Fall 0:47) 7th Place Match Michael Hughes (Daniel Boone) 8-5, Fr. over Austin Harlow (Belfry) 2-3, . (Fall 2:29) 126 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Sebastian Lamrouex of George Wythe 2nd Place - Justin Martin of Rural Retreat 3rd Place - Jayden Webb of Johnson Central 4th Place - Landon Nelson of Tennessee High 5th Place - Conner Padgett of Princeton 6th Place - Xavier Rogers of Warhawks Wrestling Club 7th Place - Noah Spencer of Richlands 8th Place - Kyle Auville of Castlewood 1st Place Match Sebastian Lamrouex (George Wythe) 4-0, . over Justin Martin (Rural Retreat) 8-1, So. (MD 11-1) 3rd Place Match Jayden Webb (Johnson Central) 11-1, . over Landon Nelson (Tennessee High) 7-4, Jr. (M. For.) 5th Place Match Conner Padgett (Princeton) 9-2, So. over Xavier Rogers (Warhawks Wrestling Club) 9-4, Jr. (Dec 4-3) 7th Place Match Noah Spencer (Richlands) 10-5, Jr. over Kyle Auville (Castlewood) 13-4, Fr. (Dec 9-5) 132 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Jacob Cain of Johnson Central 2nd Place - Cole Jessee of Castlewood 3rd Place - Daymion Wyatt of Floyd County 4th Place - Joey Olender of Rural Retreat 5th Place - Logan Dingus of Warhawks Wrestling Club 6th Place - Brayden Spears of Central 7th Place - Brenden Anthony of Warhawks Wrestling Club 8th Place - Logan Turner of Cave Spring 1st Place Match Jacob Cain (Johnson Central) 11-0, . over Cole Jessee (Castlewood) 3-1, . (Dec 3-0) 3rd Place Match Daymion Wyatt (Floyd County) 6-1, . over Joey Olender (Rural Retreat) 7-5, Fr. (Fall 2:10) 5th Place Match Logan Dingus (Warhawks Wrestling Club) 8-3, . over Brayden Spears (Central) 2-3, . (DQ) 7th Place Match Brenden Anthony (Warhawks Wrestling Club) 12-4, 7th. over Logan Turner (Cave Spring) 8-6, Fr. (Fall 3:40) 138 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Jack Newton of Abingdon 2nd Place - Eric Green of Warhawks Wrestling Club 3rd Place - Nick Giompalo of Johnson Central 4th Place - Ashoka Wagner of Cave Spring 5th Place - Chris Stiltner of Grundy 6th Place - Alexander Harris of Tennessee High 7th Place - Bobby Hale of Sheldon Clark 8th Place - Andrew Temple of George Wythe 1st Place Match Jack Newton (Abingdon) 4-0, . over Eric Green (Warhawks Wrestling Club) 9-2, . (Dec 5-0) 3rd Place Match Nick Giompalo (Johnson Central) 11-1, . over Ashoka Wagner (Cave Spring) 15-3, Jr. (Fall 1:51) 5th Place Match Chris Stiltner (Grundy) 3-2, . over Alexander Harris (Tennessee High) 7-5, So. (Fall 0:49) 7th Place Match Bobby Hale (Sheldon Clark) 9-5, . over Andrew Temple (George Wythe) 3-3, . (Dec 7-0) 145 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Reece Goss of Johnson Central 2nd Place - Dylan Barrett of Honaker 3rd Place - Jadon Boothe of Abingdon 4th Place - Owen Lindsey of John I Burton 5th Place - Grant Holland of Warhawks Wrestling Club 6th Place - Bryson Shepherd of Eastside 7th Place - Tristan Allen of Holston 8th Place - Izaac Blankenship of Warhawks Wrestling Club 1st Place Match Reece Goss (Johnson Central) 9-1, . over Dylan Barrett (Honaker) 9-2, Jr. (Fall 1:09) 3rd Place Match Jadon Boothe (Abingdon) 4-1, . over Owen Lindsey (John I Burton) 60-16, Sr. (Fall 1:51) 5th Place Match Grant Holland (Warhawks Wrestling Club) 4-2, . over Bryson Shepherd (Eastside) 2-3, . (For.) 7th Place Match Tristan Allen (Holston) 13-4, . over Izaac Blankenship (Warhawks Wrestling Club) 6-8, Fr. (Fall 4:40) 152 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Justin Fritz of Graham 2nd Place - Jack Campbell of Abingdon 3rd Place - Oyis `Mark` Daroshefski of Cave Spring 4th Place - Blane Sage of Rural Retreat 5th Place - Eli Padgett of Princeton 6th Place - Kolby Sparks of Sheldon Clark 7th Place - Bladen Sexton of Johnson Central 8th Place - Matthew Cockram of Floyd County 1st Place Match Justin Fritz (Graham) 8-0, . over Jack Campbell (Abingdon) 4-1, . (Dec 5-3) 3rd Place Match Oyis `Mark` Daroshefski (Cave Spring) 14-5, Sr. over Blane Sage (Rural Retreat) 8-3, Jr. (Dec 5-4) 5th Place Match Eli Padgett (Princeton) 10-3, Jr. over Kolby Sparks (Sheldon Clark) 9-5, . (Dec 6-1) 7th Place Match Bladen Sexton (Johnson Central) 8-2, . over Matthew Cockram (Floyd County) 9-4, . (Dec 3-1) 160 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Jacob Puckett of Richlands 2nd Place - Jonah Phillips of Central 3rd Place - Jessie Bowman of Daniel Boone 4th Place - Terry Morgan of George Wythe 5th Place - Kyle Neal of Princeton 6th Place - Carter Akers of Prestonburg 7th Place - Matthew Riley of Grundy 8th Place - Carter Meachum of Princeton 1st Place Match Jacob Puckett (Richlands) 14-0, Sr. over Jonah Phillips (Central) 3-1, Sr. (Fall 1:48) 3rd Place Match Jessie Bowman (Daniel Boone) 11-3, Fr. over Terry Morgan (George Wythe) 3-2, . (Fall 3:20) 5th Place Match Kyle Neal (Princeton) 8-3, Sr. over Carter Akers (Prestonburg) 6-4, . (Fall 2:57) 7th Place Match Matthew Riley (Grundy) 3-2, . over Carter Meachum (Princeton) 2-3, Fr. (Fall 0:30) 170 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Wyatt Sage of Rural Retreat 2nd Place - Nick Stapleton of Johnson Central 3rd Place - Jacob Maxfield of Castlewood 4th Place - Adam Akers of George Wythe 5th Place - Samuel Kelly of Prestonburg 6th Place - Kaleb Streit of John Battle 7th Place - Kieth Carbaugh of Graham 8th Place - Ali Abdelwahed of Princeton 1st Place Match Wyatt Sage (Rural Retreat) 9-0, Jr. over Nick Stapleton (Johnson Central) 9-2, . (Dec 3-1) 3rd Place Match Jacob Maxfield (Castlewood) 16-2, So. over Adam Akers (George Wythe) 4-2, . (Fall 3:59) 5th Place Match Samuel Kelly (Prestonburg) 8-4, . over Kaleb Streit (John Battle) 7-10, Sr. (Fall 4:47) 7th Place Match Kieth Carbaugh (Graham) 6-3, . over Ali Abdelwahed (Princeton) 6-5, Sr. (Fall 2:43) 182 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Peyton McComas of Grundy 2nd Place - Joby Milstead of Abingdon 3rd Place - Ross Via of Rural Retreat 4th Place - Austin Eldridge of Central 5th Place - Chase Price of Johnson Central 6th Place - Tyler Muncey of Anderson County 7th Place - Jake Nicholas of Letcher Central 8th Place - Trey Smith of Union 1st Place Match Peyton McComas (Grundy) 4-0, . over Joby Milstead (Abingdon) 3-1, . (Fall 0:49) 3rd Place Match Ross Via (Rural Retreat) 7-3, Sr. over Austin Eldridge (Central) 4-2, . (Fall 3:33) 5th Place Match Chase Price (Johnson Central) 10-2, . over Tyler Muncey (Anderson County) 3-3, . (Dec 3-0) 7th Place Match Jake Nicholas (Letcher Central) 4-2, . over Trey Smith (Union) 9-6, Jr. (Fall 1:31) 195 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Levid Rodriguez of Johnson Central 2nd Place - Hunter Scarberry of Grundy 3rd Place - Luke Martin of Richlands 4th Place - Josh Moles of Anderson County 5th Place - Ethan Christian of Belfry 6th Place - Tielor Horne of John Battle 7th Place - Cody Dolin of Graham 8th Place - James Huffman of Tazewell 1st Place Match Levid Rodriguez (Johnson Central) 11-0, . over Hunter Scarberry (Grundy) 3-1, . (Fall 2:52) 3rd Place Match Luke Martin (Richlands) 13-2, Sr. over Josh Moles (Anderson County) 3-2, . (Fall 3:52) 5th Place Match Ethan Christian (Belfry) 4-2, . over Tielor Horne (John Battle) 6-6, Sr. (Fall 0:36) 7th Place Match Cody Dolin (Graham) 6-2, . over James Huffman (Tazewell) 5-4, Fr. (Fall 0:59) 220 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Mason Polier of Union 2nd Place - Branson Smith of Sheldon Clark 3rd Place - Stone Cummins of Anderson County 4th Place - Tanner Bishop of Grundy 5th Place - Brayden Jude of Sheldon Clark 6th Place - Nate Roberts of Warhawks Wrestling Club 7th Place - Jesse McCoy of Johnson Central 8th Place - Bryce Guerrant of Union 1st Place Match Mason Polier (Union) 8-1, Sr. over Branson Smith (Sheldon Clark) 11-1, . (Dec 3-2) 3rd Place Match Stone Cummins (Anderson County) 5-1, . over Tanner Bishop (Grundy) 3-2, . (Dec 1-0) 5th Place Match Brayden Jude (Sheldon Clark) 10-3, . over Nate Roberts (Warhawks Wrestling Club) 7-4, Sr. (Fall 0:52) 7th Place Match Jesse McCoy (Johnson Central) 9-3, . over Bryce Guerrant (Union) 2-3, Sr. (Dec 2-1) 285 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Shawn May of Warhawks Wrestling Club 2nd Place - Eddie Rodriguez of John Battle 3rd Place - Logan Looney of Grundy 4th Place - Thomas Blankenship of Richlands 5th Place - Ethan Moore of Tennessee High 6th Place - Josh Herndon of Tazewell 7th Place - Alex Bowen of Sheldon Clark 8th Place - Brady Sturgill of Central 1st Place Match Shawn May (Warhawks Wrestling Club) 11-1, So. over Eddie Rodriguez (John Battle) 13-2, Sr. (Dec 4-2) 3rd Place Match Logan Looney (Grundy) 6-1, . over Thomas Blankenship (Richlands) 8-3, . (SV-1 12-10) 5th Place Match Ethan Moore (Tennessee High) 8-4, Sr. over Josh Herndon (Tazewell) 5-3, Jr. (Fall 2:20) 7th Place Match Alex Bowen (Sheldon Clark) 11-4, . over Brady Sturgill (Central) 3-3, . (Fall 2:02)
  3. Southwest starts their program tonight with wrestle off at 600 at the college. It is open to the public and free. There will also be a couple of High school exhibition matches.
  4. Team Season Team Abbr Count Points 1 Lebanon, VA Lebanon, VA (GET) Leb 12 206.0 2 Graham High School, VA Graham, VA (GET) GRAH 13 181.0 3 Grayson County, VA Grayson County, VA (GET) GRAY 12 174.5 4 Virginia High , VA Virginia H.S., VA (GET) VHS 13 135.0 5 Marion Senior High School, VA Marion Senior, VA (GET) MSHS 10 134.5 6 Union , VA Union, VA (GET) Uni 9 114.0 7 Richlands, VA Richlands, VA (GET) Rich 11 106.0 8 John S. Battle, VA John S. Battle, VA (GET) JSB 11 104.5 9 Tazewell, VA Tazewell, VA (GET) Taz 9 82.0 10 Central, VA Central (Wise), VA (GET) Cen 7 66.0 11 Lee, VA Lee, VA (GET) Lee 3 29.0
  5. I agree 100%. Grundy is still one of the top 4 or 5 programs in the state. They dont have the the added benefit of all the transfers that CB has and that is the differences in the programs. But I dont blame parents for moving there or Grundy for that matter to put their kids in great programs that get national exposure.
  6. With the national attention that the Cburg program draws I really dont blame parents from wanting to transfer their kids there. They have alot of kids that go on to college with partial or full rides. I am not knocking the Grundy program neither but its hard for any school in this or many other states to compete with Cburg. They are pretty solid across the board minus a couple of weights. Hopefully Grundy will compete better at regionals and states.
  7. Well i stand corrected. They wont meet in the next round.
  8. Looks like they will be meeting in the next roud. Then one of them will be out. Its a really tough tourney. Just hate to see them go 2 and out.
  9. 1. Frank W. Cox 2. Christiansburg 3. Colonial Forge 4. Grundy 5. James W. Robinson 6. Westfield 7. Fauquier 8. Kellam 9. Forest Park 10. Brookville 11. Matoaca 12. Franklin County 13. Kempsville 14. New Kent 15. Saint Christopher's 103 Cam Anderson 112 J.R. Wert 119 Joey Dance 125 Sean VanDyke 130 Brandon Jeske 135 Brooks Martino 140 Jacob Crawford 145 Blake Roulo 152 David Wesley 160 Cody Allala 171 Turner Bishop 189 Bryce Barnes 215 Jake Semones 285 Alex Henry Congrats to Sean VanDyke being ranked #1 in the state and to Grundy for moving up to 4th this year.
  10. First half stats PHS RHS 1st downs 6 5 Rush yards 35 44 Pass yards 50 53 Total offense 85 97 Penalties 3-25 5-71 Turnovers 0 0
  11. What time is kickoff today?
  12. Good luck to all in the region going to NC this weekend! Super 32 is the toughest preseason wrestling tournament in the nation.
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