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Falcon Mania

All-Region D 3A

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Quarterback -- Jalen Jackson, Northside; Center -- Ryan Dowdy, Lord Botetourt; Lineman -- Jesse Hanson, Lord Botetourt; Colston Powers, Lord Botetourt; Ethan Blank, Northside; Gage Bassham, Abingdon; Xavier Wright, Christiansburg; Running back -- Hunter Rice, Lord Botetourt; Clay Hardy, Tunstall; Princton Hall, Northside; Evan Eller, Lord Botetourt; Receiver -- Christian Fisher, Northside; Jake Dewease, Lord Botetourt; Holt Dotson, Abingdon; Tight end -- Kelly Mitchell, Hidden Valley; Kicker -- Trey Rice, Lord Botetourt; Kick returner -- Grayson Hardy, Tunstall; All-purpose -- Evan Eller, Lord Botetourt.


End -- Dylan Hale, Abingdon; Adam Eller, Lord Botetourt; Zach Horton, Northside; Lineman -- Jesse Hanson, Lord Botetourt; Gavyn Preston, Northside; Justin Hall, Alleghany; Xavier Wright, Christiansburg; Linebacker -- Hunter Rice, Lord Botetourt; Dylan Fralin, Lord Botetourt; Jacob Elliott, Northside; Mason Stanley, Christiansburg; Bryson Fulcher, Patrick County; Back -- Jake Dewease, Lord Botetourt; Christian Fisher, Northside; Grayson Hardy, Tunstall; Evan Eller, Lord Botetourt; Aaron Moore, Hidden Valley; Punter -- Jacob Kerrick, Magna Vista; Punt returner -- Evan Eller, Lord Botetourt; All-purpose -- Evan Eller, Lord Botetourt.




Quarterback -- Gabe Boothe, Abingdon; Center -- Justin Hall, Alleghany; Lineman -- Dedric Hayden, Magna Vista; Jaheim Tyler, Cave Spring; Major Cook, Abingdon; Drew Wiley, Lord Botetourt; Running back -- Zach Bowling, Cave Spring; Mykah English, Staunton River; Martin Lucas, Abingdon; Receiver -- Isaac Ellison, Magna Vista; Josh Cockram, Patrick County; Caleb Henley, Christiansburg; Will Crandall, Hidden Valley; Tight end -- Tyler Thayer, Abingdon; Kicker -- Josh Davis, Northside; Kick returner -- Aaron Moore, Hidden Valley; All-purpose -- Christian Fisher, Northside.


End -- Austin Thompson, Hidden Valley; Isaiah Stephens, Northside; Mac Padgett, Christiansburg; Lineman -- Meade Mayo, Lord Botetourt; Ethan Roark, Abingdon, Tony Totten, Tunstall; Silas Fitzgerald, Hidden Valley; Linebacker -- Dorien Green, Magna Vista; John Milby, Cave Spring; Jake Crosswhite, Abingdon; Rally Williams, Christiansburg; Luke Arner, Hidden Valley; Back -- Reaco Dalton, Magna Vista; Ethan Coates, Cave Spring; Brae Farrell, Lord Botetourt; Josh Cockram, Patrick County; River Carter, Abingdon; Punter -- Grayson Carroll, Hidden Valley; Punt returner -- M.J. Hunter, Christiansburg; All-purpose -- T.J. Taylor, Abingdon.

Offensive player of the year

Hunter Rice, Lord Botetourt.

Defensive player of the year

Evan Eller, Lord Botetourt.

Coach of the year

Jamie Harless, Lord Botetourt.

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