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  1. Miss? I wouldn't say I miss sports. I miss the distraction I guess of being able to kill a few hours and enjoy some time to block out the real world and immerse myself in enjoying watching a sport. I have, over the past few weeks, pondered the question about pro athletes, the outrageous salaries , their social influence on the youth, and where things might go moving forward in the future. I guess what this has shown is that sports and pro athletes aren't as essential to daily life as one may have thought 6 months or 3 years ago.
  2. Abingdon Played Blackburg on 3/9. When I left the score was 20-11 Abingdon
  3. I would guess that Thad may have already been contacted or is aware of the opening. Coach Wells will have to do what is best for himself and his family. I know he would be welcomed back to the area by more than just the Richlands faithful.
  4. Abingdon will be loaded again this year. Should be the favorite to win the M7 Union and Battle will be good again Not sure what Central, Lee, GC, or Ridgeview has coming back this season
  5. Trust me, if Powell Valley and Appalachia communities can merge Hurley and Grundy kids will be just fine.
  6. For a consolidated school in Buchanan Co. You can NOT go wrong with this^^^^^^^^^^^ Black/Gold...Black/Silver...Black/any other contrasting color...I personally would opt for the Black/Silver
  7. Its a shame Polier didn't make first team anything. He was by far Union's MVP and carried that team on his back all season.
  8. MOUNTAIN 7 Dist. All W L W L Gate City 6 0 9 4 Wise Central 4 2 11 5 Abingdon 4 2 8 6 Union 3 3 10 5 Lee High 2 4 10 5 Ridgeview 2 4 10 6 John Battle 0 6 4 11 As of Jan 22, 2020 credit Times News
  9. Reed may want to apply for that position
  10. Or no scrimmages and only a benefit game. Wouldn't 7 on 7's cover your scrimmage needs. Except of course your OL and DL. I believe they have what amounts to a 7on7 style camps for OL/DL.
  11. I would guess FB Live is not "For Profit" like TV stations are. Those who share FB Live stuff aren't selling advertising and it generally individual with no media passes or credentials to events is my guess
  12. Good for him. Best wishes on his future at the next level.
  13. If I remember correctly the weather was brutal and a major contributing factor. That being said it was certainly a defensive battle and back and forth.
  14. Abingdon's Peyton Carter is headed to Tennessee Tech to play basketball https://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/signing-day-peyton-carter-s-place-for-her-college-hoops/article_7739e94a-0683-11ea-8ee1-1ff15703c1ff.html?fbclid=IwAR0BlG1dC4QzNw5KRQE2Pc2zuMXwdGtV2r1R0IndfDjjThnTxg8bLvjqvmQ
  15. Well not every year but yes it seems like we match up more often than not. We did get Hidden Valley the first round last year. Regardless. Someone will have to beat Botetourt in the final.
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