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  1. Abingdon looked sharp with their 1's in on offense and defense. The backups played very well and scored some TD's. For a first scrimmage they are certainly coming together as a complete unit.
  2. First real game situation scrimmage for Abingdon this Friday at Marion. This will surely tell the tale on where they are and what to expect. They looked solid in their intra-squad but game situations will give us more of an idea on where they are from last season to this one. DL & DB's should be solid. New linebacking corps of solid athletes should tell the tale. Really want to see where they are with the QB situation.
  3. This Friday the 9th: Intrasquad Scrimmage 5:30-7:00- Went well, team looks like they're ready Friday the 16th: Falcons @ Marion scrimmage 6:00 Thursday the 22nd: Falcons host Patrick Henry scrimmage @ Latture Field 6:00 - Throwback benefit game Friday the 30th: Season Opener Falcons host JSB Trojans from Exit 7 Kickoff 7pm
  4. Abingdon had 65 on media day and there's a few stragglers coming in late. I would say they'll be at around 65-70 per usual
  5. Really. Talk about WAY-TO-EARLY Predictions. They haven't even started two-adays. So basically you are basing your predictions on either The past games trends History Reputation Fandom Either way its probably too early. You never know what may transpire during two-adays and scrimmages. The injury bug hits in the wrong spot can totally flip this game
  6. Thats sad. That place has really good food and it was always my go to spot when Abingdon goes to Richlands to play.
  7. I'm really curious to see Abingdon play Tenn High in a regular season game. They have scrimmaged in the past but regular season will be fun.
  8. Bluefield might be Grahams only loss. The G-Men are going to be really good again this season.
  9. Don't sleep on Abingdon's Martin Lucas. He's bigger, stronger, and faster this year. Also he's only a Jr. The kid has put in work this past off season
  10. Abingdon should be better this year than they were last season. Coach Amburgey and Company now have had a full off season to get his program in the fashion he wants it to operate. Strength and conditioning has been a priority for the Falcons and they all look physically bigger and stronger. From what I'm hearing there has been good numbers out for spring and summer workouts. The Falcons will still need to settle on the QB position and it appears they have filled the holes left by graduation. RB Martin Lucas looks like a physical specimen. He will certainly be carrying the load early on.
  11. Abingdon's new helmet look for this season
  12. Thats a pretty bold statement considering 2D-Graham is loaded and I would venture that 1D-Chilhowie will have some really good talent.
  13. And Football Season has officially begun. Amen! Preach!
  14. These are the only ones I know of for Mtn 7 All District from Abingdon. Anyone know of the others?
  15. Hard to believe Mtn 7 and Region D hasn't been released yet. I know when we played Fluvana they made their all region awards after the game.
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