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  1. Unfortunately time stands still for no one. The security holes in the software were just to great. Unfortunately the the old theme was not compatible with the upgraded software core. So the look had to change along with it.
  2. In the beginning, first there was the artist........and then came the critic LOL :D
  3. I put a plugin, clicking the title should now bring you to the first unread post.......supposed to anyways lol.
  4. Give me the location and the Radford logo and ill put it in when I clean it up and align it
  5. Should be unstuck now, there was some data corruption.
  6. ALL, Before reporting a bug, please clear your browser cache and try again. Also when reporting a bug please list the error generated. Thanks
  7. You can unpin a topic by checking the box to the right of it, and then go to the bottom popup box and click the pin button. Then click unpin.
  8. The point is, just be civil. It wasn't pointed to anyone or any post, just the reports that come thru my email over the last two years. I saw some useless complaining because folks want to be keyboard cowboys......like I said, I just let loose a little bit because I was checking some database issues, and maybe I had one too many. The Point remains, support your site, take care of those that keep you going and be civil to each other, thats all. Consider sending Gman and Lance a donation now and then. Good day
  9. I keep seeing these complaint / report threads come thru. I suggest you all treat each other under the Golden Rule. Summery, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Let me tell you what I know about this place. Most of you are young, and have no life experience. As you grow older you will learn and gain experience. Lance is my friend, in a sense, I watched him grow up through his latter years. He provides a place for you guys to have fun and enjoy High School football, and if Im not mistaken you guys have not contributed a dime to the joint. Lance and Gman pay the bills, so you guys show some respect for them and each other. Be civil to each other and treat those folks here as you expect to be treated. Give Lance and Gman your respect for keeping the place open. Respect each others differences in opinion, that's what life is all about. We will ALWAYS have a difference of opinions, but treat your fellow members with respect as you disagree. Debate, dont demean. I don't really know Gman, but I know Lance, and he takes great joy providing you guys a place to do this. Do not disrespect either of them with petty BS. Did you know Lance is a Veteran, served his country with the Navy with honor and the highest ideals. He is trying to point you guys in the right direction. NOW who am I. I am Department of Defense, we are strictly political, and I have no problem fixing problems. So stop the BS and get along with each other ..................................BEHAVE!!!!!!
  10. I would like to suggest something for the new year. Only report to moderator if the sky is falling or the end of the world is near LOL Lance is a good man, and he keeps this place open for you guys..... Don't act like children, act like adults Lance to you and yours Merry Christmas.......I am going into harms way one more time, and then im going home, isis needs to be shut down. The rest of you chill out LOL
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