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  1. Perspective from Mark Bradley/Atlanta Journal Constitution March 30, 2020 By Mark Bradley, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution https://www.ajc.com/blog/mark-bradley/let-real-mightn-see-sports-again-for-while/tgAXYX7WTvxCNNKNhCgrON/ excerpt: Three weeks ago — seems more like three years, I know — we were wondering who might win the conference basketball tournaments. Three weeks ago, all systems were go for Atlanta’s Final Four. By supper time Wednesday, March 11, the NCAA announced it would stage March Madness sans fans. By 10 p.m. Eastern time, the NBA had suspended its season after Rudy Gobert's positive test. By 4:30 p.m. Thursday, every conference tournament had been canceled, and so had the Big Dance. That was the beginning of our new normal — working from home, keeping a social distance, trying not to freak out over every scary news alert on our phone. That’s how fast all of our lives have changed. We used to get excited if we scored prime tickets for a big game; today we celebrate the purchase of off-brand toilet paper.
  2. Following more detailed: Times News Sports Retweeted NCAA‏Verified account @NCAA DI Council grants waiver to allow additional eligibility for spring sport athletes whose seasons were impacted by COVID-19: http://on.ncaa.com/2l3qv great state
  3. Just posted.... Scott Abraham‏Verified account @ScottABC7 Scott Abraham Retweeted Nicole Auerbach The NCAA makes their decision Nicole Auerbach‏Verified account @NicoleAuerbach Source tells @TheAthleticCFB that the NCAA Division I Council has approved blanket waiver for all spring-sport athletes to get an extra year of eligibility. Schools will be able to offer less (or zero) aid or match what they provided this year. Up to each school for each athlete. great state
  4. ESPN Radio 94.1 Retweeted Ralph D. Russo‏Verified account @ralphDrussoAP NCAA's decision on giving back eligibility to athletes whose seasons were cut short by the outbreak is a bit behind schedule (hoping to be done by 6p ET), but been told a decision will come today. great state
  5. recruit757 Retweeted The SAT Program‏Verified account @OfficialSAT The SAT Program Retweeted The SAT Program #ICYMI: The May SAT is canceled. We're continuing to assess the status of the June SAT & will provide an update as soon as we have more info. Fall SAT registration opens in April. We'll provide additional SAT opportunities as soon as feasible. The SAT Program‏Verified account @OfficialSAT In response to COVID-19, we're canceling the May 2 SAT, as well as March makeup exams. Registered students will receive refunds. We will provide additional SAT testing opportunities as soon as feasible in place of canceled administrations. More details: http://spr.ly/60111sujT . great state
  6. Read a blog from VHSL Executive Director Dr. Billy Haun on COVID-19 and Teamwork: https://www.vhsl.org/blog/ great state
  7. Tim Hayes‏ @Hayes_BHCSports Guess there could still be #VHSL district/region tourneys/meets, but no state champs. IF things are back to normal, would underclassmen pass up chances to attend showcases/camps? Would DI signees still have to report for classes in late-June as usual? Lots of pieces to the puzzle great state
  8. Bulletin Sports‏ @BulletinSport 'I don’t know how that will play out for them' Local high school coaches talked with the Bulletin about what a cancelled season means for their seniors' recruitment, and what they plan to do moving forward. https://www.martinsvillebulletin.com/mva/i-don-t-know-how-that-will-play-out-for/article_ce710afb-9147-5f81-a4b8-6d7b41720b43.html great state
  9. TSSAA: Longer school closures won't affect target date for basketball, spring state tournaments Tom Kreager, Nashville Tennessean Published 4:12 p.m. CT March 24, 2020 https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/03/24/tennessee-high-school-tournaments-april-24-closures/2911379001/
  10. The following for state of TN: Tim Hayes Retweeted Tom Kreager‏Verified account @Kreager Gov. Lee announced school out until April 24. That would be no athletic activities until then as well. great state
  11. Galax Gazette Sports‏ @GazetteSports24 Highlights from @VHSL release (thread): Decision to provide options will be delayed until May. Factors considered: A possible waiver for the July dead period; Amateur rule for baseball athletes in MLB draft; Waiving the sports season rule (spring calendar ends in June)... Rodney Young‏ @yjake Spring sports still alive till May 1. Just have to post the following.... ha-ha...only Sacco... his new moniker Jim Washing My Hands Every Five Minutes Sacco‏ @Sacco_DNR great state
  12. WinchesterStarSports‏ @WinStarSports1 Continuation of VHSL statement. great state
  13. Gary Thompson Retweeted Casey Goetz‏Verified account @WCYB_CaseyGoetz The VHSL has decided to delay any decision about playing high school sports once the current academic year is over until May. It may be a long shot but at least hope remains for high school athletes in Virginia. great state
  14. Tim Hayes‏ @Hayes_BHCSports More from the #VHSL: # great state
  15. Brad Fauber Retweeted Cody Elliott‏ @Cody_DNRSports FWIW, I was told around 5 p.m. that an announcement was coming from the @VHSL_ "very soon." Since the league cancelled the spring sports season yesterday, an online petition to postpone that decision has now garnered over 11,000 signatures. scrimmageplay‏ @scrimmageplay The VHSL announces it will hold off on a final decision on spring sports until May. From Executive Director Billy Haun: "“The Crisis Management team overwhelmingly felt a decision on an extension to the spring sports season should be put on hold until May." cont... "Any options for the spring sports season will require that COVID-19 is no longer a threat and poses no health risks to our student-athletes or the public." great state
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