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  1. VERY good read.... BristolSports @BHCSports Lebanon High School baseball coach Doc Adams keeps things in perspective: https://heraldcourier.com/sports/watch-now-the-bigger-picture-adams-teaches-his-pioneers-not-to-allow-adversity-to-keep/article_1877beb4-d3a6-11ea-badf-df1e31ee579b.html great state
  2. Brian Woodson @BHCWoodson Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee has signed the executive order that allows high school contact sports to return, with football and girls soccer season allowed to start on time. Whether or not this actually happens will be up to respective school districts across the state. @BHCSports great state
  3. TSSAA Stephen Hargis @StephenHargis TSSAA executive director Bernard Childress said they expect to have the executive order allowing contact sports to begin on time signed by @GovBillLee today. He said they were told the document was being “fine tuned”. It was announced Tuesday so not sure why such a delay. 5Star Preps @5StarPreps Hey @GovBillLee we good? Stephen Hargis Retweeted Tom Kreager @Kreager From my conversations with TSSAA, I don't have a feeling at all that TSSAA will move back start of season if more counties push seasons back. Those that are allowed to play will play. Others won't. Stephen Hargis Retweeted 5Star Preps @5StarPreps Is @GovBillLee open on weekends? Asking for a state. Stephen Hargis @StephenHargis With an hour left in the business day, reached out to TSSAA executive director Bernard Childress to ask if they had heard from @GovBillLee on when Executive Order #55 would be signed & sent. Got a one word response - “No” - that won’t help nervous coaches/players across Tennessee Stephen Hargis @StephenHargis One of many such calls/texts from prep coaches: @GovBillLee does realize we’re handing out equipment today to be ready to practice Monday all based on his word earlier this week, right?” ...another “I told my kids we’re practicing Mon. They can come arrest me on the field then.” Stephen Hargis @StephenHargis Executive Order #55 has been signed. The mob of coaches headed to the capital with torches in hand can now go back to their field house and resume handing out equipment for Monday’s start of contact practice
  4. Matthew Hatfield @hatfieldsports The VHSL alignment committee approved 11 schools moving down a classification and six moving up beginning in 2021-22. Read more about some of the changes forthcoming here... https://virginiapreps.rivals.com/news/vhsl-announces-mid-cycle-realignments-starting-in-2021-22 great state
  5. Timesland @Timesland VHSL: Elsewhere, Lebanon has been assigned to the Hogoheegee District as a Class 1 school. Staunton will move up to Class 3, Western Albemarle up to Class 4, Lake Taylor down to Class 3.#timesland great state
  6. Timesland @Timesland VHSL: If Giles appeals Thursday’s ruling, the Spartans could point to Grayson County for hope. VHSL reversed similar bid by Grayson that failed, allowing Blue Devils to drop to Class 1.#timesland great state
  7. Tim Hayes @Hayes_BHCSports Lebanon is a go to the Hogo (beginning in 2021-22) By a vote of 21-1 moved Lebanon from Class 2D to Class 1D and into Hogoheege District great state
  8. Tim Hayes Retweeted 3HL @3HL1045 Bernard Childress w/ @TSSAA tells us the football season will now be able to start Aug. 21st. He said they’ll be able to start contact practice as soon as the Governor signs the Executive Order. He said the schedules will remain as they were before CoVID adjustments. Times News Sports @tnsportslive · Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee will reportedly issue Executive Order No. 55 to allow for contact sports to start practice for the 2020 season, provided they follow the requirements of TSSAA. https://www.timesnews.net/sports/gov-lee-turns-high-school-football-loose-for-practice/article_d37a9d92-d11e-11ea-b1c4-57239d85a10c.html#utm_campaign=blox&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social Brian Woodson @BHCWoodson Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee is reportedly going to sign Executive Order 55 allowing contact sports such as football and girls soccer to resume. That apparently means high school football in Tennessee will kick off on Aug. 21. Girls soccer should begin earlier that week @BHCSports great state
  9. Good read: excerpt: “Football has taught me how to be a leader and that you always have to grind when things don’t go your way,” Aka, 25, said. “You are always going to have moments when things don’t go your way and you learn what adversity is all about. Nothing is easy. You just have to keep chopping wood and keep fighting until you find success.” Gwinnett Daily Post @GwinnettDaily ·U.S. Military Academy prepares former Gwinnett County football star for his next step as an officer, leader http://dlvr.it/RcQ4Hf
  10. MetroNews HS Sports @MetroNewsPrep ·Updated 2020 West Virginia high school football composite schedule: https://wvmetronews.com/2020/07/25/updated-2020-high-school-football-composite-schedule/… #wvprepfb
  11. HIGH SCHOOLS| July 22, 2020 By Todd Holcomb, AJC GHSF Daily GHSA lifts restrictions on showers, locker rooms, group size https://www.ajc.com/sports/high-school-sports-blog/ghsa-lifts-restrictions-on-showers-group-size/CHJYM7G6ENCCJCGFMAS5IFQCQI/?utm_campaign=snd-autopilot
  12. Times News Sports @tnsportslive As expected, the TSSAA pushed its hybrid plan into effect for the 2020 football season during a Board of Control meeting Wednesday in Murfreesboro. TSSAA chooses hybrid plan for football DOUGLAS FRITZ Sports Writer https://www.timesnews.net/sports/tssaa-chooses-hybrid-plan-for-football/article_8c53f7ca-cc6d-11ea-a05c-bf39602ee6d7.html#utm_campaign=blox&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social great state
  13. TSSAA @tssaa Away from school, mental well-being of students a cause for concern Whole-child approach of education-based athletics looks for ways to respond July 20, 2020 https://tssaa.org/article/away-from-school-mental-well-being-of-students-a-cause-for-concern
  14. Robert Edmonds @bigrob2523 · Some good news for college athletics Covid-19 testing out of JMU reports @Madia_DNRSports Greg Madia @Madia_DNRSports COVID-19 testing update from JMU: On Monday, school tested 33 MBB & WBB players and staff, and another 16 football players who arrived in a later wave. All 49 tests were negative. That's on top of 97 initial football tests on July 6 and 7, which resulted in only 1 positive. 2:18 PM · Jul 22, 2020 great state
  15. Top 10 challenges switching 2020 high school football season from fall to spring Coronavirus forces states to look at alternate plans for tradition calendars. Friday, July 10, 2020 3:15pm By Mitch Stephens | MaxPreps.com https://www.maxpreps.com/news/98EoeqbrYk6Q4HkFkuIAug/top-10-challenges-switching-2020-high-school-football-season-from-fall-to-spring.htm
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