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  1. Giles vs Appomattox

    Yep they are definitely beatable just have to score with them. They will most certainly be down next year. They lose every playmaker on the offense.
  2. Giles vs Appomattox

    Yeah the did move the ball quite well most of the game.
  3. Round Two Score Updates

    Appomattox should easily beat Glenvar by 35+ next week
  4. Round Two Score Updates

    They score and it should be the 2nd team coming in..lol
  5. Giles vs Appomattox

    This one got out of hand real fast...lol 28-0 at the half. I don't think anyone from southwest VA will beat Appomattox. Hopefully, Giles will improve some next year. I know they are fairly young all around so it's pretty good that they won 8 in the regular season. Now, who can step up and fill Biedlemans shoes next year?
  6. Giles vs Appomattox

    I don't think there is that I know of. 990 am wnrv usually covers Giles games but they are broadcasting the Narrows vs Covington game tonight.
  7. Giles vs Appomattox

    wnrv is broadcasting the Narrows game this Friday. Anyone know what if any station Appomattox radio broadcast is?
  8. Giles vs Appomattox

    Does Giles have a chance? Will this game be on the radio? I can't make it to the game.
  9. Giles vs Fort

    Please say biedleman is not one of the starters out that would really hurt!
  10. Giles vs Fort

  11. Giles vs Fort

    Thoughts? Heard Giles is without a few key players any truth?
  12. Giles @ Glenvar

    I honestly thought Glenvar would drop off some over the last few years but I was wrong. They look to be here to stay. I wonder just how long they keep the winning streak going against Giles?
  13. Giles @ Glenvar

    If Glenvar has a few turnovers I feel Giles has a very good chance. I also believe Giles needs to open up the playbook in order to throw Glenvar off. Glenvar will be expecting the same 4-5 plays Giles has been running over and over all year. I say come out and take some chances. Throw the ball get Glenvar to back off the line some and that will open up the door to run the ball better.
  14. Giles @ Glenvar

    Big game Friday. Will Glenvar contain the single wing again? Does Glenvar beat Giles for 5th straight time? Watched a little film on Glenvar and they look very very good on defense. Seems like they get into the backfield on just about every other play. The offense didn't look to shabby either. If they get shutdown on the ground they just go to a pretty good air attack. Once they have the air attack going they come back to the ground to balance it out. I would like to see Giles end the 4 game losing streak to Glenvar but not sure this is the year they do it. Glenvar 28 Giles 14
  15. Score updates - 10/12-13...

    Glenvar 35 Floyd 7 final
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