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  1. nrv_football

    10-12-18 Football Score Updates

    Giles update??
  2. nrv_football

    10-5-18 Football Scores

    Wow blew a 28 point lead that is crazy.
  3. nrv_football

    10-5-18 Football Scores

    James River must not be as good as the record indicates.
  4. nrv_football

    Score updates 9/28

    Giles/Radford score?
  5. nrv_football


    Is ratcliffe out as well?
  6. nrv_football


    Any of Giles hurt key players going to be playing?
  7. nrv_football


    Giles has alot of key players with injuries. If those players are not back I will take Narrows over Giles. Narrows 21 Giles 14 without key players Giles 28 Narrows 14 with key players
  8. nrv_football

    Graham vs Giles

    Giles solved themselves in the foot all night. Two of Giles skill players were injured which doesn't help. GIles should have been up by 2 touchdowns at one point. Giles will be fine all things considering being a young team. Hopefully the injuries aren't seasoning ending for the two Giles players.
  9. nrv_football

    Score Updates 9/7/18

    I think Narrows wins by 7
  10. nrv_football

    Score Updates 9/7/18

    All Graham now! Two of Giles best players out.
  11. nrv_football

    CBurg vs Giles

    I haven't seen Giles play but Christiansburg does look pretty bad. If Giles loses they must be down right horrible.
  12. nrv_football

    CBurg vs Giles

    Christiansburg is not very good at all. Giles will win this one. Giles 42 Christiansburg 21
  13. nrv_football

    Score updates 8/23-24

    Giles just isn't very good at all. Blacksburg is very good so taking nothing away from them.
  14. nrv_football

    Giles @ Bluefield

    3-7 for Giles this year! Just plain terrible. Don't see this team winning more than 5 at best. They would be lucky to win 5 unless the coaches get things straight Quick.
  15. nrv_football

    Scrimmage Games and Jamborees?

    Very uncharacteristic of Giles offense! Rough year ahead may be a good possibility. Are the backs fast/ shifty? I had thought some talent was coming up to replace what was lost.