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  1. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    Guys They are adding aluminum bleachers on each end zone!! That will give son extra seating.
  2. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    Just did man thanks!!
  3. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    Man please do il save ya a seat brother!!
  4. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    Complete domination!!! Unions defense is legit best in the STATE IMO. They just showed it Graham is a high octane offense. Da U shut them down physically wasn't even fair. Graham is a good team union shut them down. Hope we can keep it up!!
  5. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    People for union already at the gate!! Went by the park chairs in line already at 1 today!! Awesome stuff.
  6. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    There is always scouts at union games. On the side lines you'll see alot of VT some UGA. Before he brought list to just 5 they were all kinds of D1 scouts from diff teams. Now since he has is list at just 3 mostly Tech duke UGA. Good opportunity for other kids to get seen when playing Union.
  7. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    Well have a good time an be safe we will keep you updated!!
  8. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    No way!! Lol
  9. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    Are You coming to the game UVA?? I would love to meet everyone we all should meet an shake hands under the flag pole.?
  10. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    Yes lol just his opinion he is defending his team I don't blame him.
  11. Union vs. Marion

    Yea it probably would've been a different game but they wasn't gonna stop Unions running game period...
  12. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    The same richlands team union beat that year!! You are a fool..
  13. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    This guy is a idiot!!
  14. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    Man I love the landsharks!! Some of the fans made a huge banner when the D makes a good play they stretch it across the stands. The whole team does the landshark gesture with there hands on there helmet. I love it gives them something to look forward to if they make a big play. The guy who made the sign, that is awesome man!!
  15. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    Man he was so awful!! An yes wastes alot of talent when he was there. D coach we got now knows his stuff!!
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