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  1. FoxTrot


    Bears 35 -21
  2. FoxTrot

    Trojans vs. Bearcats

  3. FoxTrot

    James Mitchell is a.....

    God forbid he follows the path of Thomas Jones? Many on here think he (Thomas) is the Devil! James Mitchell continues to work hard and achieve dreams, yet many in BSG want to put him down the minute he achieves success! Just wait it is coming soon! Keep proving them wrong, James!
  4. FoxTrot

    Bearcats vs Bulldogs

  5. FoxTrot

    Bearcats vs Bulldogs

    That may be a lot to ask of Tazewell considering it was 35-0 at the half last year. Do think it will be a better game though.
  6. FoxTrot

    2019 Union Graham

  7. FoxTrot

    Thomas Jones Interview

    This dude is one dumb ass prick. Wouldn’t give him much more thought. Thomas or his family owes him nothing. If you have to put someone down to gain relevance, then you weren’t much to begin with! MUTE!
  8. FoxTrot

    Speaking of Helmets...

    This is classic!
  9. FoxTrot

    Thomas Jones Interview

    "TJ is affliated with a murderer, he's a racist, he's a liar" - Do indulge? I want to know more? Pretty sure not every person in BSG or that knew Thomas feels the same way! Just because Thomas moved away from the area, only comes home to see his parents, and left the town behind. I don't agree with Thomas political view, but he has a right to say and do anything he wants. I appreciate his successes, and glad to see him have them. Everyone has skeletons in their closet, and just because Thomas had one football camp or helped his own kind, doesn't mean he is what you call him. Many people that grew up with him think differently.
  10. FoxTrot

    Speaking of Helmets...

    Carlock doesn't sale to Graham HS! He will tell you that. He is in Asheville, NC! Better yet, feel free to ask anyone associated with Graham HS!!
  11. FoxTrot

    Speaking of Helmets...

    I can assure you, "PLAIN and SIMPLE", that BSN would be just as "EXCLUSIVE" with Tazewell HS as you say it is with "GRAHAM". Hearsay isn't always fact!
  12. FoxTrot

    Speaking of Helmets...

    Who says BSN is only exclusive to GRAHAM and what makes you think that?
  13. FoxTrot

    Thomas Jones Interview

  14. FoxTrot

    Speaking of Helmets...

    Sounds like Tazewell needs a solid brand and vendor, so that Kelly green color will stay the same. Graham has the best looking uniform in the state hands down. Cardinal/ Gold pops off anthracite. Same in football.
  15. FoxTrot

    Thomas Jones Interview

    Did you graduate from PV in 95. If so you should be ashamed for that comment. Jealousy, any?