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  1. FoxTrot


    Definitely the favorite in Region 2D!
  2. FoxTrot

    Va High vs Union

    VA High had errors - Union took advantage of them!
  3. FoxTrot

    Baseball getting started

    Launch angle is the absolute worst way for any high school kid to employ. Ask any coach outside of Longworth if it is useful for their team. Kids are not strong enough nor do they have the understanding of how it truly works. Harless, Hungate, Francisco, Cross from Tn high, some past and present of the regions most elite hitters don’t employ it and look where they are headed or where they are at now. It will create a home run evey once in a while. Mostly makes a weak ground ball on an outside pitch or a high fly ball for the outfield.
  4. FoxTrot

    Baseball getting started

  5. FoxTrot

    Baseball getting started

    VA HIGH lost 2 full time starters, which 1 was as a pitcher from last season. They return 7 field starters, and entire pitching staff outside of Griffith. Will be very strong offensively and defensively this season. With the return of Aaron Rose at catcher, who didn't play last season, the offensive order has speed and power! Seven of the front line players have 3-4 years starting varsity experience. Depth will be an issue if there are injuries!
  6. FoxTrot

    2019 schedules

    Union isn't playing Elizabethton or Science Hill. Paintsville, KY has been added to the schedule for home and away the next 2 years!
  7. FoxTrot

    Any Info on All State?

    2A was voted on today. Don't know when released. I know coaches are in Charlottesville voting!
  8. FoxTrot

    Graham vs Virginia High

    We’re u at the game, when VA High played them. 2 of their best players were out! Va High is the closest thing to a speed team as far as Graham, but that train is hard to stop. If Graham overlooks it will be more than close.
  9. FoxTrot

    Graham vs Virginia High

    Graham Big! Va High has nothing for them? Love the confidence. Over at 1:07?
  10. FoxTrot

    Sproles Ejection (Ridgeview)

    There was an ejection last night it seems. A costly one. I hate it for the kid, but if you are going to play with fire, their is a consequence
  11. FoxTrot

    Scenarios for Region 2D Final seeding

    Bearcat Dad, there is no way for that to happen! Battle cannot beat Union!
  12. FoxTrot

    Richlands vs Va High

    This game is far from a given for Richlands. VA High is more than capable of beating them. This is a very good matchup, and the team that plays the more complete game for 4 quarters will win this one. Neither team has shown a consistent ability to do this. VA High has more skill players, and Richlands is deeper in the trenches. This will be interesting!
  13. FoxTrot

    Abingdon 3A

    Who cares. Abingdon had a good year. Move on. If it is consistent that would be something to think about.
  14. I think the goal of any business is to go above and beyond. If you are not, your business is dying. High school athletics has attrition, but Phil was able to not only maintain, but take it to new heights!