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  1. FoxTrot

    Graham vs Virginia High

    We’re u at the game, when VA High played them. 2 of their best players were out! Va High is the closest thing to a speed team as far as Graham, but that train is hard to stop. If Graham overlooks it will be more than close.
  2. FoxTrot

    Graham vs Virginia High

    Graham Big! Va High has nothing for them? Love the confidence. Over at 1:07?
  3. FoxTrot

    Sproles Ejection (Ridgeview)

    There was an ejection last night it seems. A costly one. I hate it for the kid, but if you are going to play with fire, their is a consequence
  4. FoxTrot

    Bulletin Board Material

  5. FoxTrot

    Scenarios for Region 2D Final seeding

    Bearcat Dad, there is no way for that to happen! Battle cannot beat Union!
  6. FoxTrot

    Richlands vs Va High

    This game is far from a given for Richlands. VA High is more than capable of beating them. This is a very good matchup, and the team that plays the more complete game for 4 quarters will win this one. Neither team has shown a consistent ability to do this. VA High has more skill players, and Richlands is deeper in the trenches. This will be interesting!
  7. FoxTrot

    Abingdon 3A

    Who cares. Abingdon had a good year. Move on. If it is consistent that would be something to think about.
  8. I think the goal of any business is to go above and beyond. If you are not, your business is dying. High school athletics has attrition, but Phil was able to not only maintain, but take it to new heights!
  9. Think that is the goal for most coaches. In business, you want to eventually get to the best company. That company allows you to have success. Also along the way, you learn from each mistake, which makes you better for your next stop. Maintaining is the hardest thing to do! Phil did more than maintain for many years.
  10. And 15 years later, he was still winning state championships!
  12. FoxTrot

    The battle of the unbeatens

    Chilhowie in Big, Big Way!
  13. FoxTrot

    2D Power Points (VHSL Helper)

    This was what was posted as scenario on Virginia Preps: 1. Ridgeview (7-1) 198 24.7500 Has (3-6) Pike County and (4-4) Honaker. Should win both and finish around 26.300 2. Grayson (7-1) 192 24.0000 Has (5-3) Wythe and (6-2) Galax left. I have them just beating Wythe and finishing at 24.3000. Win both and 26.1000 and lose both 22.1000. 3. Union (7-1) 189 23.6250 Has D3 (6-2)Abingdon and (4-4) Battle. Win both and will be 26.5000. Lose to Abingdon and will be 24.7000 4. Graham (7-1) 175 21.8756 Has Ft. Chiswell (4-4) and Marion (4-4). Win out and will be 24.2000 5. Virginia (4-4) 148 18.5000 Has 4-4 Marion and Richlands. I have them just beating Marion and being 19.7000. Lose both 18.2000 and win both 21.3000. 6. Richlands (4-4) 143 17.8750 Has Lebanon and Virginia. Win both and will be 19.9000. lose VA and 18.3000. 7. Battle (4-4) 142 17.7500 Has 2-5 Lee and Union. Have them winning first and be 18.8000. Lose both end up 17.3000. 8. Marion (4-4) 130 16.2500 Has Virginia and Graham. Lose both and will be 16.6000. Beat VA and 18.4000. 9. Central (2-6) 119 14.8756 10. Lee (2-6) 115 14.3750 11. Tazewell (2-6) 114 14.1428 12. Gate City (1-7) 111 13.8750 Top four are locked into top four and next four pretty much locked into 5-8. Just going being some jockeying between these groups. Here's my prediction. 1. Union (9-1) 26.5000 2. Ridgeview (9-1) 26.3000 3. Grayson (8-2) 24.3000 4. Graham (9-1) 24.2000 5. Richlands (6-4) 19.9000 6. Virginia (5-5) 19.7000 7. Battle (5-5) 18.8000 8. Marion (4-6) 16.6000 The only other team I have that could make it is Central. I have them beating Gate City but if they could upset (5-3) Grundy also ( which isn't a huge upset) they would end up 17.2000 and would pass Marion if they lose their last two games like I have it. Central could not pass no other team even if they lose out.
  14. FoxTrot

    Graham @ Virginia High

    So Graham could scout Richlands on Friday, and Richlands could scout Graham on Thursday!