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  1. bluefieldRocks

    10-10-14 Week 7 FB Updates

    Bluefield - 48 River View- 0 Start of the 3rd.
  2. bluefieldRocks

    Bluefield @ Richlands

    Fortunately, I don't read the BDT. So I guess you can say they stole my score.
  3. bluefieldRocks

    Bluefield @ Richlands

    Bluefield - 42 Richlands - 14
  4. bluefieldRocks

    Which one you got???

  5. bluefieldRocks

    Bluefield vs Graham

    The Oxy Clean guy?
  6. bluefieldRocks

    Bluefield vs Graham

    Bluefield- 35 Graham- 14
  7. bluefieldRocks

    Biggest Blowout of the weekend...

    Spurs, In my opinion.
  8. bluefieldRocks

    Obamacare ads

  9. bluefieldRocks

    Automotive Service??

    Show off
  10. bluefieldRocks

    Weaver stepping down at VT...

    What's his health condition that's making him step down?
  11. bluefieldRocks

    Graham at Fort Chiswell

    lol. Never take up gambling as a career.
  12. bluefieldRocks

    Graham at Fort Chiswell

    I don't follow VA football. So I wasn't sure at all. Nice win, G-Men!
  13. bluefieldRocks

    Graham at Fort Chiswell

    How big of an upset was this exactly?
  14. bluefieldRocks

    The 2013 Atlanta Braves Thread:

    Fire Fredi. Get rid of Uggla and find a decent 2nd basemen and we'll be in business next year.
  15. bluefieldRocks

    The 2013 Atlanta Braves Thread:

    Kershaw's going in dry tonight, boys.