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  1. Love it when SWVA guys get to play at a higher level. We/ve had a few of them in the last 5 or 6 years at this level
  2. Not to mention josh lost  one of his best players in the first quarter of first game

    1. robtom
    2. Single A west

      Single A west

      sorry, josh wingate coach at fort chiswell  

    3. robtom


      Gotcha!  I thought his first name was Robert.  He is in a tough spot at The Fort, IMO.  The principle doesn't care about football and tells his youth league teams not to ever play football.  All they care about at FC is Boys Basketball and Baseball.  And guess what.......the principles brother is the head coach of both of those sports.  You would think Wythe County would have a policy against that........

  3. It didn't look good. His leg was immediately placed in a air cast. The Fort was ready to play and gave Galax everything they wanted. IMO, Coach Wingate has done a heck of a job at FCHS.
  4. Patrick Henry AD/Head FB coach should be ashamed. An RR football player broke his leg last Friday and lay on the field of play for 45 minutes before an ambulance made it to Glade Spring. The AD/HFB Coach should have more of a handle on game night procedures. In fact, you should not be allowed to even start a game until EMS is present. He is probably more concerned about playing Whitewood or Rich Valley....SMH
  5. Started at right tackle yesterday at the O & W game!
  6. Joe Stoneman, LB from Fort Chiswell signed with West Virginia State University!
  7. robtom

    Tebow Bill

    Passed The House. 60-39
  8. Fort will be pretty good, when they get in basketball shape. Return the following: Mabry, Mooney, Hale, Rathbone, Thomas, Stoneman, & Wadelo. Only lost Hamm off of last year's MED Tournament Championship.
  9. I have the answer, in three letters.....AOA!
  10. You are correct sir, "anything can happen". I just don't see how Graham defeating Fort Chiswell two years ago was an upset. Fort Chiswell was not a very good football team that year. In fact, they finished 5-5.
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