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  1. VHSLhelper

    Random score from across SWVA

    You're an Indian?
  2. VHSLhelper

    Chilhowie Field

    I think that was in 2000.
  3. VHSLhelper

    Chilhowie Field

    That could be an equipment thing. HOW MUCH of a delay? When Randy Hess was in Fla. for one of Josh's games, he called me to find out why Ron was so far behind the tweets. I have 2 feeds for my Blues games - one has zero delay at home and a couple of seconds on the road (phone line) - the other ('net) has a 30 second delay. THEN the Internet feed has it's own :30 delay, just because.
  4. VHSLhelper

    2019 schedules

    Heard Richlands is picking up Radford and someone else.
  5. G-men & Radford had 4 playoff meetings from 1987-93 - each won both of their home games.
  6. Race Moir to Taylor Horn for a 39 yd TD pass. Graham 38-10 .
  7. XP good. Time to run the clock.
  8. Cam Allen w/an 81 punt return - 37-3 Graham XP pending as Allen cramps up again.
  9. Fairmont 59, Weir 0 - Final
  10. 36 FGA by Joey Dales is good - flag on R - pts. stay. 31-3
  11. Devin Lester runs it in from 12 - but another TD comes off the board due to a flag
  12. Blues fumble away the return. Gmen at the 22.
  13. Allen fumbles the handoff to Reed, picks it up, and goes 59 yds to the house. 28-3, 11:15 left in 3rd