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  1. I would take Terry over Beck in a heart beat! He is a playmaker. You hold your breath every time he gets the ball saying please don't score.
  2. No sir I wasn't trying to place Giles over Graham. Graham did have 3 and Giles two. I was simply stating Graham wasn't only ones turning it over.
  3. I guess you forgot Giles had two turnovers too, and one of those was int in the end zone. So no I don't think it should of been by more. If Giles gets the one fumble they didn't give them and fields the punt could of been different outcome. First half like the 2nd wouldn't of been a game.
  4. You have to have good foot work, carry out good fakes and block. I think it's important to have good vision with speed. Bret whitlow was good at that.
  5. Hokiebird I hope you have inside knowledge and know something we don't!
  6. I don't understand why Giles don't run the Ratcliffe kid more. They got to make a move at full back.
  7. 1. Union 2. Giles 3. Richlands 4. Graham 5. Bluefield
  8. Really! How immature. Who cares if anyone says anything about bburg or Hampton
  9. Narrows has played Auburn and Bland. No speed on either team. Not saying Narrows isn't any good but let's see when they play someone.
  10. I think # 10 and # 5 are the two best backs Giles have and should be in the backfield together. Giles has to control the line of scrimmage, not allow the qb to run wild and simply not allow cook in space.
  11. As much as I'd love to see Richlands beat them I don't think so.
  12. Beidleman will be the man to mold the young backs. I hear they brought Ratcliffe up a freshman who had a Phenomenal season running the ball last year.
  13. I pull for blues when Spartans not playing but appo will win this game easily. They are just that good!
  14. Good luck to the Blues! You know Spartan nation is with you all the way!!!
  15. Now I'm anxious to see what union thinks of appo? And wasn't just cause we got beat