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  1. Blacksburg Jamess River Radford union Gate City Ridgeview Graham castlewood richlands bluefield narrows JIB Hurley Thomas Walker Eastside Rye Cove Chilhowie Holston Marshall okla oregon duke unc utah psu alabama jax houston ariz seattle dallas GoTW Galax 41
  2. AHS behind 49-20 nearing the end of 3. AHS just threw a pick.
  3. Can someone tell me where to find the Greenville live stream?
  4. Been a crazy week for me....is Abingdon game tonight or tomorrow?
  5. You think the Abingdon jerseys were hard to see BEFORE tonight? Yikes....
  6. Abingdon wins 20-0. Terrible conditions.
  7. 2 pt conversion good...14-0 AHS. But then penalty for holding.. kicking it now. Kick good AHS 13-0. About half way through 2nd qtr.
  8. Abingdon with fake punt for a TD. TO ahs before going for 2.
  9. Abingdon’s Lucas with 54 yd TD run. AHS going for 2...no good. 6-0 AHS.
  10. Performing CPR on this thread....I felt left out.
  11. The Abingdon team that beat Ridgeview would absolutely crush the Abingdon team that lost to HV earlier. It depends on which Abingdon shows up tonight.
  12. Abingdon scores again....12-0....wet ball making it hard to make kicks.
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