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  1. Central will have a shot to win this game. Crowd could be a bigger factor than many anticipate.
  2. Boys score closer than I would have thought without Slagle. Sounds like defense may be an issue for GC?
  3. Countless officials will not officiate Central games due to the problems that have occurred. If they play in a “big game”, anyone who follows Central basketball can guess who will officiate. There are only about 7-10 good refs who will officiate the boys team. This isn’t some big secret.
  4. Pretty pathetic start to the year for the M7. Northwood and Thomas Walker both claiming wins over Abingdon and Lee. Geez, that just can't happen. The only positive thus far has been Central, the league needs things to turn around quickly.
  5. Central thumped Honaker last night in a benefit game. The Warriors can score, are aggressive, improved inside and are tenacious when it comes to rebounding. Throw in a superb fan base that's always behind the team win or lose and a veteran coach and this team will contend. Don't sleep on them yet.
  6. Prior to McAmis getting hurt I had Central pegged as the second best team. I think it’s wide open now between Central, Union and Abingdon. Who replaves 20+ points and handles the ball for Central? Is Slagle back to form and does Union have enough depth? Can Abingdon play to its potential? Battle should be scrappy, Lee will love and die (mostly) by the 3 and Ridgeview will spend all winter trying to figure out how they didn’t win a regional football title.
  7. Union received 22 awards? Holy cow, they finished third.
  8. What an unreal job this man has done coaching. Lost his starting QB and wins 3 straight by the hair of his chin many due to his coaching decisions. Central going to the playoffs, amazing job. The future is so bright if the community can stick together and get behind this coaching staff!
  9. I’m assuming he’s out for the first three rounds of the playoffs? The twitter said fight which is 3 games, I believe. This could have major playoff implications.
  10. Key to Central’s long term success is getting a weight lifting program going. Not having advanced PE for athletes to take like other schools do really shows up at the varsity level. Secondly, they need to quit playing all this travel football with their kids. They aren’t developing any depth. At that age level you should be learning fundamentals and learning how to play not trying to win a youth league super bowl.
  11. Any GC people with direct knowledge of this? Heard the decision has been made but it ain’t “official” yet.
  12. Any truth to the rumor going around Wise that the QB is transferring to RV for next season?
  13. This is really inappropriate, Isaiah is a nice young man who like many in our area does all he can to represent his school and community. The impact will be huge. The question is if Hayes and company can handle the ball handling duties. I think that’s a bigger loss than the scoring. With Isaiah, Central had an outside shot at GC. Without him, the Union games will be interesting as will the Abingdon games. I hate it for the kid, evidently he had some college programs showing interest. Hopefully he can make a full recovery and maximize his potential and reach his goals as a senior.
  14. I heard a RV lineman suffered an injury at practice and that he may not play? One of the better players is what I was told. Any truth to this?
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