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  1. stu_bean

    Chilhowie Field

    Funny how the rivalry stays true there but in Tazewell Co most everybody pulls for whoever is still going in the county
  2. stu_bean

    Chilhowie Field

    Somebody at work that knows the coach said first choice was Marion then Northwood, Rural Retreat, somewhere else I can't remember and the finally V High
  3. stu_bean

    Chilhowie Field

    Can somebody clue the rest of us in as to why there is such distaste for one another there?
  4. stu_bean

    Chilhowie Field

    Drainage should be just fine pouring into those caves underneath it as long as another sinkhole doesn't open up...
  5. stu_bean

    Graham/Radford: AA Semifinals

    I've wondered the past few years why is it that you can pack mitchell stadium for the Beaver Graham game and then the next week can't even fill the visitor stands at Tazewell...
  6. stu_bean

    Richlands/Graham II: Region D Title Game

    2008 Great game with a real crappy ending. Not because of it being a loss just the way it ended
  7. stu_bean

    Richlands/Graham II: Region D Title Game

    I still can't figure out which one to go for. May just have to stay neutral and then pull for the victor to go all the way. On a side note the times that I have pulled for either Richlands or Graham in the past I was always on the losing side! So who wants me to pull for the other team now???
  8. stu_bean

    Richlands/Graham II: Region D Title Game

    Well I do have a bit of family down there that is a reason there for Richlands... On the other hand time for someone other than Mance to have some good fortune Of course I could be bitter and say that Allen should have been a Tazewell player...
  9. stu_bean

    Richlands/Graham II: Region D Title Game

    I have the all important question here. Which end of the county should us Tazewell people pull for???
  10. stu_bean

    Graham vs Virginia High

  11. stu_bean

    2018 Class 2 Bracket Challenge

    A No. 1 Goochland No. 4 King William No. 3 Poquoson No. 2 Amelia County B No. 1 East Rockingham No. 4 Clarke County No. 6 R.E. Lee No. 2 Central-Woodstock C No. 1 Radford No. 4 Gretna No. 3 Appomattox No. 2 Glenvar D No. 1 Ridgeview No. 4 Grayson County No. 3 Graham No. 2 Union Goochland Amelia County East Rockingham Central-Woodstock Radford Appomattox Ridgeview Graham Goochland East Rockingham Appomattox Ridgeview East Rockingham Appomattox East Rockingham 48
  12. stu_bean

    2018 Class 1 Bracket Challenge

    A No. 1 Franklin No. 4 Essex No. 3 Rappahannock No. 2 Northumberland B No. 1 Riverheads (BYE) No. 4 Atavista No. 3 Central-Lunenberg No. 2 William Campbell (BYE) C No. 1 Galax No. 4 George Wythe No. 3 Parry McCluer No. 2 Narrows D No. 1 Chilhowie No. 4 Grundy No. 3 J.I. Burton No. 2 Patrick Henry Franklin Rappahannock Riverheads Central-Lunenberg Galax Narrows Chilhowie Patrick Henry Rappahannock Riverheads Galax Chilhowie Chilhowie Riverheads Riverheads 62
  13. stu_bean

    WK 11 FB UPDATES 11-01-02-03-2018

    Somebody keep me posted on tazewell lebanon. Unfortunately a car wreck wiped me out of making it down there
  14. stu_bean

    Akers Out at GC?

    Being good at basketball usually translates to good hands on the receivers side as well.
  15. stu_bean

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 11

    Abingdon Brooke, WV Ft. Chiswell Glenvar Union Grundy Ridgeview Graham Tazewell Virginia George Wythe Narrows Hurley JI Burton Eastside Chilhowie Patrick Henry Rye Cove No. 23 Virginia Marshall No. 6 Georgia No. 12 West Virginia No. 5 Michigan Virginia Tech Tennessee No. 1 Alabama Minnesota Pittsburgh Houston Los Angeles Chargers Green Bay GotW Grayson 49