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  1. graham would have crushed them
  2. no galax had it moved because they honestly didn't want to play on grass. they wanted turf but Chilhowie did the smart thing and moved it to northwood and not emory
  3. if I was the family of kids there that grew up there and worked hard to get into a position to play there and dreamed of running out on that field as a high school player then out of the blue they bring someone else in to play said position over home grown talent they yes the parents should be upset. win or lose with what you have in your community that's what high school football is all about. would rather lose with home grown talent than ostracize my community for short term gains. that's just me
  4. he couldn't win the job at Tazewell or bluefield how will he win it at graham??
  5. lester is 90% of their offense who would step up?
  6. no way 9-1 without lester
  7. All right peps let me know how you think GW will do this upcoming season? I have been to a few 7/7’s have some good young talent. But everyone looks good in shorts and helmets
  8. Wythe county should Consolidate their schools! No sense in having 3 single a schools.
  9. If meadows starts they won’t win 3 games!
  10. I know what they have on jv! Would not go 9-1 hahaha not a chance
  11. Grahams JV would not go 9-1 sorry lol lol funniest thing I've read
  12. I watched the galax 8/9 grade team play. I’m not sure they won a game this year. Could be wrong
  13. No mountain empire predictions?
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