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  1. Might as well ask, nothing else happening. Anyone have any way to early playoff predictions for spring football?
  2. No sports is almost laughable after all the looting and rioting going on and the same people who said we need to stay home are the same ones encouraging you to go March and protest lol
  3. From what i remember GW put it on JI in that game. It was pretty ugly toward the end. GW had several freshman playing in that game as well. starters were held out.
  4. This game is just a formality. whoever wins the galax/GW is going to state. neither PH or JI can beat the winner. 2nd place isnt bad for the region. LETS GO GW!
  5. Narrows speed?? Boo got pounded
  6. GDUB

    GW VS Galax!!!

    Galax kid caught 5 against rural retreat
  7. GDUB

    GW VS Galax!!!

    Well they are a 2A school masquerading as a 1A
  8. GDUB

    GW VS Galax!!!

    Don’t think they played Salem might wanna check your facts! Northside called off the dogs, That might be the one you are thinking about
  9. GDUB

    GW VS Galax!!!

    sorry if truth hurts. just being honest snowflake. i just call them like i see them.
  10. GDUB

    GW VS Galax!!!

    he left gw cause he couldnt get on the field, left fort for who knows what reasons but they were not heart broken to see him leave now hes at galax thinking hes gonna win a ring. ponder this, they do have a great oline and in the past dixon would just pound the rock with his rbs. so with that good O line why do they throw a lot more than?
  11. i watched the HUDL and watched a kid from galax do a belly to back suplex and destroyed a kid. no penalty, right in from of the ref. terrible man
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