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  1. You mean #2 can flat out fly? #7 has decent speed but not fly
  2. Well said! All Hokie1 Pokie does is run that mouth. From many of his read posts I will say he doesn't know a thing about football.
  3. I'm nobody's daddy I have just watched football for over 30 years and I know when I see a great football player.
  4. I have watched the films. What do you mean watch the films?
  5. As a freshman he is a stud I can only imagine what he will do as a senior. They say Sproles has been a stud since a freshman too. All I know is that they have made a great 1 2 punch
  6. Which stud LB you talking about RV has 2 stud LB and one is just a freshman.
  7. I think this will be a good one. However I think RV will win because of Adkins on offense and Sproles, Hill, and Co. on defense.
  8. Yes I just watched hudl and I thought as a team RV looked very good. Several people stepped up and played well. Sproles and Hill looked good on D along with Adkins and the rest of the PACK. Offense looked very good and balanced. Hill is still a tackling machine and I thought he looked very good at receiver. Phillips played very well. Union and RV will be one for the ages
  9. I told you it wouldn't be a problem for RV D to stop and shut down gate city
  10. You haven't seen video of the RV D I'm guessing . #13 for RV (Hill) is a tackling machine along with Sproles and co. I don't see it being a problem
  11. Yes he is going to be a good one I believe. Kid seems like he has a nose to the football on D. like to see how he is on offense more.
  12. Wow just a freshman! He how big is he? Is he the one that run the touchdown at the end against SV. He looked good running the ball too. Can he throw?
  13. I think this one will be a dog fight
  14. Can somebody tell me about the #13 kid for RV. I have watched all 3 games on hudl just to see how RV looks on D cause I know what they got on O. That kid is every where on defense.
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