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  1. Wanted to add/clarify something on my story. A RAGE parent approached VA HIGH about starting and funding Lacrosse as a club team at VHS and they were very supportive. After the player/parent graduated is when it lost steam, no fault of VHS. VA HIGH was the first school in SWVA to buy into lacrosse, they really allowed the start of everything in our area on the HS level. VA HIGH would still have a team if our youth program could keep the roster full, but as I said, our kids head in different directions. VHS is the only one that will let us into their school to recruit,, we couldn't survive without them. Big Thank You to VA HIGH !!
  2. I agree ,, adopted by schools in SWVA would be much better, but that wont happen any time soon. Several SWVA schools adopted soccer several years ago when it was hot, and some now wished they hadn't . Many schools have trouble filling a roster. National Soccer did a much better job of back in the day of " selling the sizzle" ,, Lacrosse not so much, although they say its one of the fastest growing sports. A little back story to back up my HS club first theory, and there are a lot of details ill have to skip or ill run out of room. VA HIGH started a club team maybe 4 years ago and in 2 years it folded because they couldn't replenish the cupboard, we absorbed it and added others to start our RAGE CLUB HS. Most of our youth move up to other HSs,, John Battle, Abingdon, Tenn High, and some to VA HIGH, but not many. It was a bad business model. My brother in law started a club team at Science Hill, same problem, but they now have traction, and are doing pretty well,, also heard Dobyns Bennett Kingsport starting-- they should be ok. TENN HIGH,, same thing, their trying, but getting numbers is tuff. Chucky Doak in/near Greenville TN started and folded, same problem, they asked Greenville HS about starting, Greenville AD told them to take a hike because he didn't want to screw up the State Champ Football program. I know,spoke to, and have good relations with all Washington County VA HSs,, same story. Was told the travel to Roanoke and cost was too much. Small SWVA ADs and Principals will not adopt lacrosse,,, their just not into it,, the bigger schools, maybe, but its a long way off, and not until they can see a local club team getting traction. Waiting on schools could take 20 years, or never. Club Lacrosse is the way to get the ball rolling in SWVA, its just like travel Baseball, and we all know how many travel BB teams are crossing VA every weekend. Need someone to start a team near Wytheville /Bluefield !!! Been to Klockner several times to watch UVA Lacrosse. If your not sure about this whole Lacrosse thing, go to a college game. VT has a great club team, a lot of our youth go there every summer for camp. Also ODAC has several teams. WAHOOWA,, have several in the family, married one, daughter heading up for first year next month, or not, who knows at this point.
  3. Wanted to ask a question/ comment related to our first post. I know this year has been a total bust, and who knows what this spring will hold. Has anyone thought // kicked the idea around about starting a Boys HS club lacrosse team in Wytheville ? As I mentioned above, our plans to head north to start playing in the Blacksburg // Roanoke area is always on our mind. Was thinking the other day, it would be great to have another team north of us in the middle to bridge the gap heading up 81. We all ( Bristol , Kingsport, Johnson City, Greenville) started with ( the bottom up approach) and still have, youth programs, and then quickly realized our kids were dropping lacrosse because of no HS team to move up to. I think the ( the top down approach ) is a better way to start lacrosse in an area,, younger kids see older kids doing it , and they get interested. FYI, city and county high schools, down our way, will not be supportive,, they do not want to loose any kids to an out-side organization, and they cant or wont start a team for lack of funds and interest, and I can understand that. High School Club team, pick up 3 or 4 kids from each area HS who are not into Baseball ,Soccer , or Track. We have several football players who love it,, keeps them in shape for football. Sorry to be so long. Love the web-site ! thoughts// comments? Thanks Chris @bristolragelax
  4. Some have asked around the area. YES,,,We have a boys high school club lacrosse team in Bristol. We play around North East Tenn//Knoxville. Were growing and welcome/need guys around SWVA to join us. Blacksburg // Roanoke have some good teams and we plan to start heading that direction this year and next. @BristolRageLax
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