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  1. Didn't a kid make all region from the SWD last year and missed 4 or 5 games. Not talking about a D1 talent player either.
  2. Hard to say how close this one will be. If the GC team that played RV shows up, than the bus driver will be warming the bus up in the second quarter as the 3rd and 4th qrt will fly by on a running clock. If the GC team that played last week shows up than expect a hard fought game and Graham wining by 10. IF and that's a big if 😆 Graham takes the week off from practice and stays up partying all night Friday and show up 10 minutes before the game hung over than GC will win.
  3. Has VHS vastly improved since Graham brought half a team over and beat the living daylights out of them? If not, then expect this RV team to produce the same results.
  4. Dang coaches should have been reading all the great advice this board has provided them! 🤣
  5. Clearly......thinking a 7th seed 3rd place SWD team will come in an play with the top team from the M7. The only team that has a chance to beat RV is RV and Graham....and in that order. As far as QB comparison, wait till the RV and Graham game and compare stats between the two. Would like to see stats for both when paying quality opponents. Chucking TD's vs subpar defenses shouldn't win accolades.
  6. I don't blame the defensive coach for the loss. You can have the right scheme and still get beat because of poor execution. The long run by GC QB on a busted play gave them the shot of Mojo-mentum they needed to turn the tide of the game. If anything went wrong on the coaching side, I'd say Union should have played more power football and ran the ball more north - south with the T when they had a lead. The field conditions were perfect for that kind of play after the 1st half. I guess GC realized that when they out Union'd, Union.
  7. Try to convey....he was a special kind of stupid coming into the Union crowd telling someone to stop blowing a hand held horn.
  8. Really looking forward to this game. Hard to beat a good team twice, I'll take Union for the win.
  9. Ridgeview will win this one. I'm not sure it will be close either.
  10. Heard game changed to 1pm Saturday.....any confirmations?
  11. A win tonight could breath life back into their season.....at the least it would give them a shot a being the "David vs Goliath".
  12. I think the strength of schedule will play out in Richlands favor tonight. This one could be down to the wire.
  13. I'm going to take RV in this one and it won't be close. I know a lot of people have been sweet on GC the past couple of weeks but its time for reality to set in. GC possibly won their last game of the season against Central.
  14. What are the odds on the Falcons coming into Bullet Park Friday night and putting a damper on the Union Bears senior night?
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