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  1. But Little Stanley has cute hair and 5 years experience as a middle school coach. That has to account for something
  2. Play calls and personnel usage is questionable at best.
  3. The defense has played well all year. LBs are active and make tackles. There are a couple of solid lineman that can make plays. 5 is physical, will make tackles in run support, and is good in coverage. 7 and 11 are both solid in coverage. I think they have outshined the O all year
  4. If he knew how to coach that might be a possibility. He better stick to hair ties... easier for him
  5. Him, his daddy, and the banker will be the downfall of Ridgeview this year
  6. Ridgeview's offensive coaches are incompetent. As much as I thought I disliked last years play calling and use personnel, son and dad take it to a whole new level
  7. Union never had a chance to control the game. There was never a point in the game that any Ridgeview player or fan was scared of Union. Despite Ridgeviews failures with the coaching staff, it was obvious that they had way more talent, will, and self control overall. Ridgeview was at least 3 td's better than Union
  8. Apparently the hitch was poorly ran and it didn't pull the LB, the corner, and the safety away from 5.
  9. There actually was an underneath receiver on the interception against Richlands, and he was the one that got the blame for the pick
  10. He is very talented. Most of those interceptions are on the coaching staff
  11. Pretty sure that Jr and the banker worry more about man buns and snapchat than preparation for the upcoming games
  12. Ridgeview Summer 2022... Son and WR coach play Madden 2018 Son to dad "New idea for an offense", Dad "run it" Fall 2022... Son and WR coach to QB, run this and don't deviate... Ridgeview... spread formation. 7 and 13 twins left, 5 and whoever twins right. QB cadence, snap ball, QB look left. Continue to look left, continue to look left. 5 and whoever stand wide open and continue to be wide open, wave arms. QB look left, throw fade or streak to 7, hook to 13 while being triple coveraged. Defense, intercept ball/knock ball down. Coaches... "We'll get 'em next time" Dad/s... "That 7/13 needs to touch the ball more"
  13. I should have went into detail a little more, but if any has watched Ridgeview the last two years they will (or should, with any football knowledge) understand what I meant. As good as 7 and 13 are, especially 7, the Qb will rarely, if ever look away from their side of the field. He will also throw into double and triple coverage to these two when there are two other receivers wide open. I know 7 is a really good receiver and can make the spectacular catch, and 13 can do the same, but there has to be a coach watching film that sees this. That is the forcing the ball that I am talking about. I love running the ball and I am very happy they are doing better in that facet this year, and I wasn't campaigning about some other player getting more touches. Get the f'n ball to someone who is open. Take the short throw and do something that isn't the sexy thing to do. The 4 receiver I was talking about is the one doing the things all players should do and being unselfish to help everyone else out, even though he is explosive with the ball. He knows he's not going to get a chance but he still plays hard anyway. The way it's supposed to be.
  14. Ridgeview has a "#4" receiver that can be just as talented and good with the ball in his hands. As an added bonus he will move from his stance and actually block on running plays or run a route when he knows he's not getting the ball. I've said it previously and I'll say it again, until Ridgeview coaching staff and players start doing a better job of spreading the ball around and quit trying to force it to one or two players they will never beat the top tier teams.
  15. Yeah man, I feel your pain. Until they start spreading the ball around and quit trying to FORCE it to only 2 of the 4 receivers they are going to struggle and only hold themselves back offensively. Their choice in play calling and player personnel is questionable at best. Thank God they have the talent to overcome weaker competition. They have a chance to be special but the coaching staff can't get out of their own way.
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