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  1. I expect a very competitive game between both teams. The state champion may very well be decided Friday night.
  2. Do what you have to do to protect your family, yourself, and your property. If it comes to the point that you have to take a life, DON'T answer ANY questions from the police. All you need to say is you need to speak to your lawyer.
  3. Congrats to all! They worked hard and deserve it. Let's keep up the hard work and start working on a repeat boys! :D
  4. Whoever "bodickey" is I commend you on your pick of Florida Gulf over Georgetown.
  5. #1 Bluefield: 62 #8 North Marion: 51 Final Bluefield must shoot better if they expect to win tomorrow. 21-54 FG 38.9% 20-39 FT 51.3% 0-6 3PT
  6. Halftime: #1 Bluefield: 29 #8 North Marion: 23 Eades and Collier combine for 6-17 shooting in the first half. Need to come out strong 2nd half.
  7. Can't take any team lightly upstate. End of 1st: #1 Bluefield: 13 #8 North Marion: 15 Let's get it going boys!
  8. Looks as if #3 Westside is mere minutes away from exiting the tournament early. They were considered one of top contenders that might be able to hang with Bluefield. Bridgeport pulls away in the final few minutes. Bridgeport: 74 Westside: 65 1:30 left to play
  9. Seems as if they are having issues transmitting the audio. The live updates and stats is an excellent feature however.
  10. 100.9 the eagle http://www.theeaglefm.com/
  11. I'm looking forward to the trip up this year. I think it's finally our time to bring that title back to Bluefield.
  12. It's been non existent for Bluefield since my graduating class of 07. I hope they load the students up and fill all the buses for the game(s) next week. Princeton took 12 busses up today. Unfortunately I doubt we will fill half of that.
  13. Yes, game is at the Armory. Tip off 7:00 pm
  14. HUGE game tonight. Winner goes to state, loser goes home. This will be the third meeting between the teams with Bluefield winning the first by 21, and the second by only 2 (on a controversial call). Wishing the best for the Beavers tonight and hoping they can punch that #1 seed ticket upstate. Every team still alive in "AA" besides Bluefield will be pulling for Wyoming East tonight. Let's go Beavers!
  15. I'm very surprised the judge approved for him to be released on bail until his trail.
  16. The golf course has been calling mine. Can't wait for some decent weather!
  17. I believe the top prospects in basketball right out of high school are NBA ready, however I feel strongly that they should attend college for at least 2 years. College often provides the foundation for people to develop a sense of responsibility. Regarding the NFL the current rule is sufficient. Bigger, stronger, faster... Football is a much more physical game than basketball and players need more time to develop.
  18. Luckily the top contenders in AA are all guard oriented teams and lack the big man down low.
  19. It's hard to compete when the other team has a 6'11 center. Bluefield is in a league of their own in AA. It seems like every year we find a way to choke upstate. But I believe in AA it's Bluefield and then everyone else. I just hope poor coaching doesn't keep us from our long anticipated state championship.
  20. Sending prayers to him and his family during this tough time.
  21. I approve of the messages above! Very nice, very nice....:D
  22. Very low scoring game....Bet it was a very slow paced boring game....But congrats on the W.
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