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  1. You are correct, whoever has the most power points hosts the State semifinal game.
  2. It turned into that discussion because a Riverheads poster interjected his team's superiority to the conversation. He is the one who stirred up the pot and got it headed in that direction.
  3. Taylor TV off I81 in Bristol fixed a large plasma TV I had very reasonably. I'm not sure they make housecalls, you may have to take it by there. They may give a you a free evaluation.
  4. I'm sure if it had been your hometown team getting screwed out of having a voice in where the game they earned the right to host would be played you would have been just as vocal bro.
  5. Looks like the weather forecast has improved now.
  6. More sourgrapes. You Rebels and Canes making yourselves look bad. You got beat. Take your lumps and move on. Good Lord.
  7. That's what I'm thinking makes the most sense. Wonder what times works work in order to get two games in?
  8. weatherunderground.com is showing 5 to 8 inches of snow in Salem Saturday and 1 to 3 inches Sunday Be interesting to see how the VHSL screws this up. Reckon they'll force the games into a dome somewhere?
  9. Bullsh!t. Clean catch. Where you getting your info?
  10. And Chilhowie intercepts Galax to end half Galax 7 Chilhowie 21
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