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  1. Beat the 'heads Warriors !! From "The Black Raider Nation."
  2. J I Burton enrollment is apx. 220...finished 9-3. Lost to Union 652. Lost to Chilhowie 397. Lost to Patrick Henry 420. Beat Lee 666. Beat Eastside 411. Beat Honaker 343. Beat Grundy 415 Beat Castlewood 272. Beat Thomas Walker 252. Not bad for 20 helmets..congratulations Black Raiders!!
  3. All that fizzzzz over the field..looks like they could have played on Mars...should have tried Coach Riggs Appy field once...these Helicopter Parents would have stroked out. It's About The Players People...Great Job Warriors!!!
  4. From the Black Raider Nation...Go Warriors !!
  5. Congratulations to the PH Girls Volleyball Team !! State Champions at 25-2 with a 3-0 sweep in the Finals over Riverheads !! After a 4 day delay and two road trips, PH takes their first State Volleyball Championship...Best wishes from the JIB Black Raiders !!
  6. 61-36 Good game Black Raiders!! Congratulations to the Rebels..Beat Chilhowie!!
  7. BHC has Black Raiders over the Rebels 41-36...see you there.
  8. Liam..agree 100% as I was fortunate to watch the Warriors play the Raiders toooo many times! Zach and Cale deserve maximum honors and should do well on the next level. My hope is a rematch in two weeks providing all the stars align at Emory with the rugged Rebels.
  9. Once again from Small School USA...for your consideration Mikey Culbertson (rb/mlb) and Houston Thacker (qb/db) from JI Burton. Both First Team All Conference. Both should be All Regional. Both should be All State. Go Black Raiders.
  10. Rookie Post...not Rookie LPD I was fortunate to play against Coach T. Dotson..Mr. Riggs..Mr. Harry Frye..PV Coaches..Coach Dave Ryder and Mr. Cummins. We would have taken care of this situation in the locker room or on the practice field..BEFORE it occurred on the field/court/diamond. The Helicopter Moms..Lawnmower Dads..Grandstand Usta' Bees have weakened the character and ownership responsibility of our student-atheletes. I will not be popular on this Forum so bring it.
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