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  1. I’ve never understood all that school transfer stuff. How can kids not be loyal to the school they grew up in? That’s hard for me to comprehend. We don’t have very much of that in this part of the region in football, anyways. Sometimes in basketball, but its mostly the parents, not the kids. And how many of these transfers go D1 anyway? Seems like a lot of unnecessary drama to me but I may be missing something. And as far as Burton, they should be happy with what they did this year, especially with all that off field stuff at the beginning of the season. Their coaching came along way from game 2 to the playoffs and so did their team. I’d be proud to have my kid on that team.
  2. Great and exciting game. Next week will be a toss up as it can go either way. Will have to pull for PH though.
  3. Smythcounty


    Cause we’d have to send our special extra long mud cleats back. Hope they have a no hassle return policy.
  4. Best I can tell Chilhowie’s overall record against Burton is 7-1. So they’re definetly looking for revenge. I’ll give you the fact that Burton was distracted early on in the season due to off field issues. Albeit, their schedule like most in region D this year was weak due to the whole region being down. So we will find out Saturday who the best team is, it’ll be a wet game, maybe it’ll get moved to Wise central or UVA Wise. Or leave it in the mud. We like playing in the mud, we just need to order those special cleats.
  5. This should be an exciting rematch. If Chilhowie plays this game like they have the 6 last quarters, then they should come out on top. Hopefully, we’ve fixed the blocked punt issue we had last time at Burton.
  6. From what I can tell on VHSL Reference this looks like the first time these two teams have ever played each other in football? Its always exciting to play a new team. Thoughts on this game? We welcome Thomas Walker and their fans to Warrior Stadium. You'll appreciate the visitor's stands they are really nice.
  7. Does anyone know if this game will be aired on the radio? Thanks
  8. I’ve got PH, Burton and Chilhowie should be how top 3 finishes.
  9. It’s game day! Going to be a cold night, 40 degrees at kickoff. This will be exciting! Praying for an injury free game for both sides. Better wear your longjohns and bring somebody to snuggle with.
  10. Is this what you’re looking http://www.calpreps.com/cgi-bin/2019/weekview.pl?week=Virginia_11
  11. This is going to be the most watched game of the year in 1C and 1D. All eyes will descend upon Glade Spring, VA Friday night. Its going to be an exciting atmosphere at the Rebels (8-0) stadium as the Warriors (7-1) travel there Friday night for an out all brawl. This game will be a deciding factor for many things. The Hogoheegee district title, securing home field advantage for playoffs (You all know how we feel about home field advantage LOL) and overall bragging rights for the elders to talk about at McDonands and the truck stop for weeks to come, maybe even years. As for the game, Chilhowie has an injured running back (Williams) with an unknown future for this game. Not sure about Patrick Henry's injuries, there has to be some rebel fans on here that can update us to that. Chilhowie will have to attack this from the air and the ground which hopefully reeks havoc on Patrick Henry's defense and opens up some holes. I foresee Chilhowie having to utilize it field goal weapon in this game. Prediction 35-28 either way.
  12. Optimal62, that’s hard to say. PH has had a fairly easy schedule this year, not their fault, most everyone is down in 1D and some 2Ds this year. So they haven’t been tested. Chilhowie has talent and the experience but getting it to mesh For 4 quarters seems to be a struggle this year. If both teams are healthy and Chilhowie plays ball like we know they’re capable of it will be a nail biter. Otherwise it will be PH by 3 scores. It’ll be, PH, Chilhowie or Burton going to Galax this year.
  13. Haven’t heard a lot about Grundy this year. Last year they had a really good running back but I’m thinking he has graduated. Chilhowie still hasn’t clicked yet or maybe it’s just my high expectations.
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