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  1. C'mon Chilhowie!! Let's get this shit!! Been waiting all year for this now is your time to shine!
  2. And to go on about the passing teams. Riverheads isn't exactly a passing team.
  3. With the amount of salt you Saltville and Marion folks are throwing. They won't need to mine it anymore in Saltville. So hey there goes the sinkhole problem at least.
  4. That's probably the silliest thing I've ever read on here. What does that have to do with the football game? From that logic they must have been thinking about VT the whole game instead of thinking of Riverheads.. The team who won the championship the year before, and also the first time Chilhowie has been to that stage in how many years? Yeah dude I'm sure VT was all they thought about
  5. Null

    Chilhowie Field

    Dude you forgot the main thing. The dollar general, and two pointless red lights. Also a pond the 3/4ths duck/geese crap.
  6. Chilhowie was tested yesterday, and passed. The score might not show that, but Galax did not take it laying down.
  7. We might get the first football game on ice.
  8. Man that's such a weird rule, and a weird explanation. How are they an advantage? Too bright for the teams who doesn't have em?
  9. Is this considered a statement win for chilhowie?
  10. Is this the biggest thing to happen in Saltville since the Muck Dam broke?
  11. The game is at Saltville, or that big hole up in the appalachies
  12. Oh yeah the time has finally came. How will this play out? Blowout? Close game? People getting swallowed whole? We shall see here in about 3 hours
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