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  1. Was there at Bullitt in 97. The place was packed. Was crazier than a Walmart during the old Black Friday sales. Packed full. Seems like there is footage on YouTube. Classic game.
  2. Agreed. Wasn’t trying to argue. Just making a point. The bullying comment was spot on. Pc culture.
  3. Your gonna suspend a mans account for a joke and call him an idiot when he can’t defend himself? Come on man. A joke was made about bluefield football. They lost a game. Some of us cut up. I made some jokes. I, BearDawg, got suspended for two months with no warning for a joke. Didn’t violate any board rules that you agreed to when you open an account. Would the same thing happened had I made jokes about east side or central??? Doubtful. I got no problem with you gman. But you need a thicker skin. Just because some of “us idiot, bad apple” Union fans don’t follow bluefield football doesn’t make us just that. I suspect I’ll be removed from the forum after this. But I’ve waited for long enough. And I just stumbled across this and figured I’d speak out. All towns have fans that cut up. Some y’all out of the sis elf their mouth. Some have zero football knowledge. Some have a ton (Union Fan and bluefield researcher for two. Much respect!). Some like to stir a stink. I’ve been a positive poster on this forum. I try to stick to damage control for the most part. But I do call a spade a spade. I don’t always agree with people. Not even Union fans. But that’s how people are. You run a good forum. But slow down on the power trips. We all know you can drop the hammer. But if you think this forum is my life, wrong. Is it fun to read. Sure. Post on? Sure. But not life. As for this account, I did go to Hopewell for a while before moving back to Appy. So I am a blue devil as well but I’ll always be a Dawg! So to summarize, I am NOT sorry for my joke. It was goofy and light hearted. No name calling was done in it. It was a simple joke. So you decide my fate. Both of them lol. But to come at me when I can’t defend myself is just a cowards act.
  4. Hhsdevils93


    I think @BearDawg would agree, had he not been hammered for a joke.
  5. You are by far my favorite graham poster. Hope you can make it to the pit next year. Plus, we play both of y’all next year so it’ll keep the playoffs interesting.
  6. Real question... Has anyone saw Redford play? Has graham and Radford has any common opponents. I can’t call it because I don’t know anything about Redford. I do k ow they had some sloppy play against us at Bullitt that will haunt them against a solid team. Clean that up and y’all will have a shot.
  7. Be mindful of that trigger pal😂
  8. The Appy Travis’. Turner and Clark. They started 55 games in their high school career. Could have only played a max 56 games. They lost to Bath county in the state semis in 10th grade. Won three state titles. Not to mention Julius Jones was running wild and winning back to back titles during this same time. And Gate City also won a title same year as these two. If memory serves me, Lee high was poised to make a run at a title but fell apart in the 97 semis. I’d take Appy or PV over any other former state champs. No offense, especially to the Blue Tornadoes. I just feel like the type of ball played then was unmatched. Nevermind those two teams owned the 90’s. Wish the vhsl would update its simulator to go all the way back to at least 70 when it started officially state champs.
  9. I’m just stating how the Union game went. TA was MIA and Sexton was the bear trapper. Doesn’t mean I think Trent can’t play. He’s a baller. But yalls team is better with balance. Just hope that that nasty rumor isn’t true or rose ridge will be in a bad way next year.
  10. Union will reload. Polier will be a monster. Bryce too. Throw in some young guns that are crazy good and you have the makings of the M7 and Region D titles coming back to The U in 2019!
  11. Speaking of districts. Hard to beat the old LPDs stats for Region D titles and state titles huh? Ahhh, the good old days😢
  12. Proof is in the pudding. Even when Richlands is in a “down season” (by their standards) they still go far into the playoffs. Coach Mance! Never met the dude but have tons of respect for him.
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