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Graham at Bluefield

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11 hours ago, Real Sasquatch said:

Princeton is 6-2, maybe 7-2 with the win over Graham.  Their losses are to Bluefield and they lost on a buzzer beater to Blacksburg.  They are a good team, but I expected Graham to win that one.  Gridiron-60 is right, they need a presence underneath.  They have a 6 foot 7 presence that will be coming off the bench in the form of freshman Brody Meadows, which will help.  Dawson is a good inside player, but if he gets in foul trouble, they are in trouble. Maybe they could move Cam or Lester to the Post, they are a little undersized, but both can jump through the roof. I'm sure they will figure it out, they have a ton of athleticism and talent on the team.  Found out today that the football players have only had 3 or 4 practices and have not had much time to learn the offensive sets.   Meadows has only practiced once due to a sprain.  They will be fine, but this outcome still surprised me somewhat.  Graham scrimmaged and beat Pulaski by 18 without any of the football players.  I think what happened was a veteran Princeton team was well-prepared and made it a half court game, Graham's lack of size underneath hurt them in that scenario.  Would not be surprised at all to see Graham win by 15 at their place next time around.

Blacksburg is not a good team and Pulaski may be the worst team in their district this season.

Princeton played a 3-2 zone all night and Graham couldn't figure it out...

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