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VHSL State Champions Class B and C.


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    I found this information on fourseasonsfootball.com   What I have listed below is the State Champions that are not listed on the VHSL website.  It is for Class B and C.  If you find anything that is not up to date (which I am sure there is some things that need to be updated contact fourseasonsfootball.com and let them know so that they can update it since that is what I am using for my references.  Thank you.


State Champions

1914  John Marshall Richmond            Defeated                    Jefferson (Roanoke)

          Nothing                                                                          State Championship

1916  John Marshall Richmond           Defeated                     Jefferson (Roanoke)

          Nothing                                                                          State Championship

1917  Salem (Andrew Lewis)              Defeated                     Maury

          State Championship                                                     Nothing

1919  Jefferson Roanoke                   Defeated                     John Marshall Richmond

          Championship                                                             Championship


Class B


1925  Norton                                      defeated                    Altavista

          Class B Championship                                              Class B Championship

1926  Virginia                                     defeated                    South Norfolk

          Class B State Championship                                     Class B Championship

1927  Charlottesville Lane                 defeated                    Christiansburg

          Class B Championship                                              Class B Championship

1928  Alexandria                               defeated                     C H Friend (South Boston)

          Class B Championship

1929  Washington and Lee               tied                             Big Stone Gap 12 - 12

          Class B Playoff                                                          Class B Playoff

1930  Marion                                    defeated                     Clifton Forge

          Class B Championship                                              playoff

1931  William Byrd                           defeated                    Norton

          Class B playoff                                                         nothing

1932  From what I understand is that there was no State Championship for Class B in 1932 so I have listed below the undefeated teams for that year.

          9-0 Lane

          9-0 Appalachia

          6-0 Crewe

1933  From what i understand is that there was no State Championship for Class B in 1933 so I have listed below the undefeated teams for that year.

          12-0 Petersburg

          11-0 Virginia High

          8-0 Clifton Forge

          7-0 Wiiliam Bird

1934  Suffolk                                   defeated                   Robert E. Lee Staunton

          Class B Championship                                          Nothing

1934  Clifton Forge                        defeated                   Martinsville

          Half State Championship Class B                        Half State Championship Class B

1935  Suffolk                                 defeated                   Clifton Forge

          Class B Championship                                        Class B State Championship

1936  Fredericksburg                   defeated                   Big Stone Gap

          Class B playoff                                                    Class B playoff

1937  Covington                          defeated                   Radford

          Half State Championship                                   Half State Championship Class B

1938  Fredericksburg                  defeated                   Cradock

          Class B playoff                                                   Class B playoff

1938  Culpeper                           defeated                   Churchland

          Noting                                                                Class B playoff

1939  James Monroe                 defeated                   Cradock

          Class B playoff                                                  Class B playoff

1939  Clifton Forge                    tied                            Big Stone Gap 0-0

          Half State Championship Class B                     Class B playoff

1940  Appalachia                      defeated                    William Byrd

          Class B Championship                                     Class B playoff

1940  Suffolk                            defeated                     Lexington

          Class B playoff                                                      Class B Playoff

1941  Appalachia                    defeated                      William Flemming

          Class B Championship                                     Nothing

1942  Covington                    defeated                      Martinsville

          Class B Championship                                    Class B Playoff

1943  Harrisonburg               defeated                      Suffolk

          Class B playoff                                                nothing

1944  Harrisonburg               defeated                      Morrison Newport News

          Class B Championship                                   Class B playoff

1945  Suffolk                        tied                               Covington 6-6

          class B playoff                                                 playoff

1945  William Fleming        defeated                        Wise

          Class B Championship                                   Nothing

1946  Lexington                 defeated                        Bedford

          Class B playoff                                              Nothing



1948  William Bird             defeated                       Handley

          Class B playoff                                             Class B playoff

1948  Glen Allen               defeated                       Suffolk

          nothing                                                        Class B playoff

1949  Glen Allen               defeated                      Suffolk

          Class B playoff                                           Class B playoff

1949  William Fleming      tied                             Handley 14 - 14

          Class B playoff                                          Class B playoff





1952  William Fleming      defeated                  Warren County

          Class B playoff                                       Class B playoff at Roanoke


Class C


1939  Narrows                  defeated                 Bedford

          Class C Playoff                                      western VA C Class Championship

          Warrenton              defeated                  Blackstone

          Class C playoff                                      Class C playoff at Blackstone

1940  Bedford                  defeated                 Culpeper

          Class C Championship at Bedford       Class C state championship

1941  Culpeper               defeated                 Deep Creek

          Class C state championship                Class C championship


Not sure what classification


1925  South Norfolk        defeated               Fredericksburg

          Nothing                                              Championship

1941  Clifton  Forge       defeated               Suffolk

          playoff                                            playoff

1946  Covington           defeated                Tazewell

          Half State championship               Half State Championship

1947  George Wythe Wythville Defeated Covington

          Regional Champions                   Regional Championship at Covington

1947  Tazewell           defeated             Wise

          Regional Championship             Regional Championship at Tazewell

1947  Blackstone      defeated             Schoolfield

          playoff                                        playoff

1948  Virginia           defeated             Coeburn

          Regional Championship            Regional Championship

1948  Emporia         defeated             Schoolfield

          Regional Playoff                       Regional playoff

1949  Appalachia    defeated             Tazewell

          Nothing                                    Regional Champions

1949  Covington     defeated             Highland Springs

          postseason                              Nothing

1950  Coeburn       defeated              Virginia

          Regional Championship           Regional Championship

1951  Bedford       defeated               Farmville

          playoff win                                Not on schedule

1951  Richlands   defeated                Appalachia

          Regional Champion                 Nothing

1951  Pulaski      defeated                Lexington

          Blue Ridge Reg Champ         Blue Ridge Reg Champ

1952  Norton      defeated                Abington

          regional playoff                      Regional playoff

Just a postseason game

1937  Abington  defeated                Galax

         postseason game                   postseason game


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On Virginia preps message board Lynn Burke posted some results of his research and I wanted to add them to this site.  I would like to get all of this updated on fourseasonsfootball.com because I think it is very interesting history.

First, in many cases, playoff game were simply arranged. Everything was unofficial since there was no statewide governing body for football. The Virginia Literary and Athletic League didn't start overseeing football until 1920. And there were arguments, sometimes very heated arguments, over which teams had legitimate claims to championships.

1914 John Marshall Richmond
>The Richmond Times-Dispatch on Nov. 24 says John Marshall claimed the Eastern State championship. JM then beat Roanoke 7-6 in an East-West game. JM lost only to Raleigh, N.C. and was 7-0 against Virginia schools before beating Roanoke.

1916 John Marshall Richmond
>On Nov. 27, the Virginian-Pilot of Norfolk reported that Roanoke chose to play John Marshall (7-0-1) for the championship, rather than Maury, which was 8-0-1. Because of that Maury challenged the winner, but the Dec. 5 Times-Dispatch said JM would not play Maury, that the team had disbanded despite an offer from Virginia Tech for an expense-paid trip to Blacksburg to play Maury. So the Virginian-Pilot reported Maury won the Tidewater championship and tied John Marshall for the state championship.

1919 Jefferson Roanoke
>On Dec. 7, 1919, the Richmond Times-Dispatch printed that Roanoke’s 8-0 victory over John Marshall secured the state championship, but in the same newspaper, unbeaten Newport News issued a challenge to the winner. And two days later, Lynchburg disputed Roanoke’s championship. The Newport News Daily Press then said Newport News claimed the championship since it reported Roanoke declined to play the Typhoon, despite an offer from Virginia Tech to play host to the game. Newport News and John Marshall had played a scoreless tie early in the season.

Next is Class B champions

1925 Norton
> According to newspapers, Norton and South Norfolk (now Oscar Smith) won half-state championships. The Newport News newspaper said Norton forfeited to South Norfolk, setting up an overall title game between Newport News and South Norfolk (more on that later)

1928 South Boston defeated Big Stone Gap
1928 Alexandria defeated Oceana
> The Virginian-Pilot said Alexandria beat Boston 31-12 for the Class B championship. In the semifinals, Alexandria beat Clifton Forge and South Boston beat Big Stone Gap. In the first round, Big Stone Gap beat Christiansburg and Alexandria beat Oceana.

1929 Washington and Lee tied Big Stone Gap 12 - 12
> In the semifinals, Big Stone Gap and Saltville played to a 0-0 tie. The Big Stone Gap Post reported the Virginia Literary and Athletic League declared, because of the two ties, the three teams involved would share the title. Left out was Suffolk, which lost to Washington-Lee 20-0 in the other semifinal.

1931 William Byrd defeated Norton Class B playoff
> The VLAL did away with Class B state championships in favor of half-state championships. William Byrd won the West, Suffolk in the East.

1934 Suffolk
1934 Clifton Forge Half State Championship
> Suffolk and Clifton Forge were half-state champions.

1935 Suffolk
> Since Fredericksburg forfeited to Suffolk in the East and Narrows forfeited to Clifton Forge in the West, the VLAL let the teams play each other. Suffolk won 12-0.

1936 Fredericksburg
> Fredericksburg won in the East, Big Stone Gap in the West

1938 Fredericksburg
> Fredericksburg won in the East, Clifton Forge won in the West

1939 Fredericksburg
1939 Clifton Forge tied Big Stone Gap 0-0 Half State Championship
> Half-state champs. Fredericksburg beat Cradock 25-0

1940 Appalachia
> Half-state again, Appalachia in the West, Suffolk in the East.

1941 Appalachia
> Clifton Forge and Appalachia won their half-state titles, but decided not to play a state championship game.

1942 Martinsville
> Covington won the East, Martinsville the West. Covington beat Martinsville 26-0 in the championship game.

1943 Harrisonburg
> Harrisonburg in the East, William Fleming in the West

1944 Harrisonburg
> Harrisonburg in the East, Wytheville in the West

These are not state championship games. Class B schools could play regional championships, District 1 vs. 2, 3 vs 4, 5 vs 6 and 7 vs 8. They were not mandatory and there were no games past the regional games.
1946 Lexington
1948 Glen Allen defeated Suffolk
1949 Glen Allen defeated Suffolk
1949 William Fleming tied Handley 14 - 14
1952 William Fleming

Next is class C Champions

1939 Narrows Class C playoff
> I'm missing some information here. I have Narrows winning the West, and Warrenton in the East, but I have no record of a championship game.

1941 Culpeper
> Culpeper beat Deep Creek 30-0 in the East, East Stone Gap beat Bedford by forfeit in the West because the Bedford coach died of a heart attack the week before the game.

Finally Im not sure what classification these are.

1930 Marion
> Class B state championship game

1936 Big Stone Gap
> Half-state champion in the West. See 1936 above.

1937 Covington Half State Champions
> Covington and Fredericksburg won half-state championship, but didn't play a championship game because they couldn't agree on a site.

1939 Warrenton
1939 Narrows
> See Class C above

1941 Clifton Forge defeated Suffolk
> See Class B above

1942 Covington Half State Champions
> See Class B above

1945 Covington tied Suffolk 6-6 playoff
> Covington tied Suffolk in the Class B East, William Fleming won the West

See explanation of regional championship games above
1946 Covington Half State Champions
1947 George Wythe Whythville Regional Champions
1947 Tazewell Regional Champions
1947 Blackstone
1948 Virginia Regional Championship
1949 Appalachia Regional Champions
1950 Coeburn Regional Championship
1951 Liberty Bedford playoff win
1951 Richlands Regional Champions

Final note: After the VLAL started Class B playoffs in 1925, it allowed the Class B champion to challenge the Class A champion for the overall title.

1925: Newport News pulled ahead in the second half and beat South Norfolk 47-6
1926: Bristol forfeited the overall championship game to Wilson, saying the Portsmouth school wouldn’t offer a guarantee that would cover Bristol’s expenses to come to Portsmouth

That was it. Beginning in 1927, Class A schools determined the state championship only by the regular season, something that didn't change until 1965.

Hope this helps .....

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Hello as you can see I have been working on playoffs for Class B and Class C and there is still a lot of work to do.  If any of you can find out some info on the 2 games below I would appreciate it.

1.  1930 Marion won the championship over Clifton Forge  It says championship but I think it should say Class B Championship but I have no proof of that.

2.  1942 from my understanding Covington beat Martinsville 26-0 in the Class B championship but I have no proof on that except that Lynn Burke said that it happened.

If any of you find out anything  please post some proof that this did happen and thank you all for your help.

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In the 1930 Richmond Times Dispatch dated 12-14-1930 it states the game was the class B championship.

On 11-28-1942 Covington did beat Martinsville for the Class B State Championship 26-0. The game was at Martinsville. This is a game that I was unaware of. I have added it.

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