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  1. Region D Tournament

    I think Richlands could give Central problems.
  2. Region D Matchups and Predictions

    Mitchell is nursing a high ankle sprain from the Battle game last week. Obviously slowed and not effective in the paint tonight. Union hung close for most of the game and led at one point. Falin has played really well the last few games with Mitchell slowed. Guard play was the issue again tonight IMO. To many turnovers and to much dribbling around in circles. We can’t stop Mullins from getting to the basket. Centrals whole game plan is to isolate him up top and let him drive. If I’m Coach Moore Mitchell don’t see the floor Saturday in the consolation game with Abingdon since it’s meaningless.
  3. M7 Brackets

    Gotta give Ridgeview credit, they did everything they could do to beat Union last night. If they could have stayed hot from behind the 3pt line in the 2nd half the outcome would have been different. Union finally played with a little chip on their shoulder in the 2nd half and we finally left the kids that were playing well on the floor. Good tournament game for both teams!
  4. John Battle upsets Union

    I’ll agree with you 100% on that.
  5. John Battle upsets Union

    Made the 1st round of Region twice I believe and lost both times.
  6. John Battle upsets Union

    Definitely trending the wrong direction at this point. Tonight was very similar to the Central game. Union got a little out coached tonight in my opinion. We are doing to much subbing at the wrong times and can’t get any flow at all. Stayed in the 3-2 zone way to long. Gonna be a tough post season.
  7. Central Warriors defeat Union Bears

    Ahh yes, the coin flip. Nothing better than two teams working their tails off for 20+ games for seeding to be determined by flipping a quarter. It cannot be as difficult as it seems to figure out a system that works.
  8. Central Warriors defeat Union Bears

    Union got beat bad at the guard spots and it cost them the game. Centrals guards were more physical and took the ball to the hole. Again this time around nobody could keep Mullins from going to the bucket. I think our starting guards had a total of 4 points and 3 of those were in the final minute. Mitchell and the other two post guys played well, and Gibson shot it well. Give Central credit.
  9. Region 2D power points

    Thanks for the info btw! Good stuff! I’m glad you fellas take the time to put this stuff together.
  10. Region 2D power points

    If Battle loses to Union twice (boys),which they should, it would be a travesty for them to be seeded higher. Surely if Union wins out they will move up. Everybody in region d is hoping for 2 or 3 to avoid GC in the finals IMO.
  11. Union @ Richlands

    I riding with ya that whole post. Especially the last sentence. That’s why I mentioned they could make tourney time interesting. They could be out the first round or play GC in the regional finals depending on how things shake out and what team shows up.
  12. Union @ Richlands

    Slagle did play the TN High game. I think we are making the same observation, just in different ways. I’ve not missed a game this season, it’s been good to see them rebound after losing their leader. A lot of other teams would have tucked their tail and gave up.
  13. Union @ Richlands

    Call it what you want but the fact of the matter is their record would more than likely be the exact same if he had stayed healthy. He’s one of the best to come through UHS for sure, I’ve watched him play since 4th grade. My point isn’t downplaying him, it’s that there are still talented kids that have picked up the slack.
  14. Union @ Richlands

    I agree that Union has played fairly well without Slagle but IMO they wouldn’t have been much better with him. Different yes, more consistent maybe. I think him being out has made some other guys step up. It seems we have a different leading scorer in each game. Slagle being out has showed that we have 7-8 guys that can contribute. If Slagle is healthy I don’t see Rasnick getting as many looks as he has for sure. I can see them making things interesting come tourney time.
  15. Richlands @Graham

    That will be a boost for them for sure. I had heard he was out permanently but when he was at the Union game I figured it was only a few games or he wouldn’t have been there.
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