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  1. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    Seating this time of year isn’t a problem. Best bet is to get there 30-45 min early and you’ll find a seat. As for parking, best bet is to park in the surrounding neighborhoods and walk in, easy in and out. We have a really good Mexican place to eat if you like that type, other than that it’s mostly fast food but there’s a good variety. Check out the Southwest Virginia Museum if you have the chance. Sounds like it would be right up your alley. I think you will enjoy BSG and the Park.
  2. Union vs. Marion

    Not much to say, Union dominated every aspect of the game. Marion looked way out of their league. Best game of the year and Mitchell wasn’t a big factor and the ball never left the ground. Probably opened some eyes around 2A. Next week should be a classic. Btw.. I can’t wait to hear T52OS analysis and outlook for next week. Should be insightful. Go Bears!
  3. Union vs. Marion

    That’s the guy. He came in right before kickoff. It was fairly early in the game when Turner had him removed. Like someone said above, Union has way to many people hanging out on the sidelines any way, but this guy stood out as being out of place. We have a few amateur photographers that take pics and post for parents etc but this guy was not a local.
  4. Union vs. Marion

    I’m glad someone else caught that other than me. It happened on my end of the field. Very strange situation. The guy obviously said or did something to get Travis fired up and he had him ran off. Even confronted the official about it. I’ve never seen the man before so he obviously wasn’t a local guy.
  5. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    Big shoutout to a heck of a Richlands team from this Union fan! That was the best defensive game I have ever seen. Both defenses were spectacular. A couple of big plays on both sides but other than that they both had it locked down. I hope this game was an eye opener for the Bears.
  6. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    Just to throw my 2 cents in on the guy with 9 total posts (probably all on this thread), Union’s loss to Clarke Co was a state semifinal (not quarterfinal) and Clarke Co was a far better team than most realize. Back on topic, should be a good game Friday. Safe travels to Richlands folks and dress warm!
  7. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    We’ll just have to disagree on this one.
  8. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    You just proved my point. It takes hard work and dedication to be any type of college prospect, much less a D1. Sure the size is there but no college program is interested in a player that won’t put the work in. There’s been plenty of those types of players over the years. I’m not saying he is not a great HS football player by any means.
  9. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    I hate to disagree with one of our own but Jeb isn’t a D1 football prospect by any means. He’s good in 2a football because he’s bigger but against a good offensive lineman he would be average at best.
  10. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    I’m gong Union 28-14. A couple of things, it seems from the last few weeks Richlands is having trouble scoring points and Unions D is better than anyone around. I also think Unions offense is better now than it ever has been this season. They can come at you so many different ways. I think it will be close through the half with Union pulling away. Go Bears!
  11. Union @ Abingdon

    Union 38 Abingdon 7
  12. Central @ GC

    Taking the whole who needs who to win situation out I really think GC is the better team in this one. Central looked really bad against Union. I just don’t see them beating anybody. GC 21 Central 6

    I agree with Ryan. It shows a great deal of commitment from VT for Fuente to come to Wise. Especially knowing what kind of game it would be. I think it comes down to VT and UGA. Either choice would be a tremendous opportunity for Mitchell. As for the special teams coach showing interest in our kicker, I heard similar talk. Prime example of other players benefiting from Mitchell’s exposure.
  14. Rye Cove

    I hope everybody on this board was a Rye Cove Eagle fan tonight!! Congrats to Coach Toney and the Eagles! He’s one of the good guys and they deserved to break that streak!
  15. Here it is Union at Lee High

    Lee had the perfect game plan in the 1st half on defense. Much credit to them for that. I think they by far were the best defensive team Union has faced. I think Lee made it more clear that the Bears will have to come up with something resembling a passing game to make a deep playoff run. The Bears just were to tough and I think Lee just wore down in the 2nd half. But holy cow, how good is the Union defense? With the exception of a deep pass that was tipped and the Wr made a good play I bet Lee was under 100 yds of offense. On another note, it was a well played game. Nothing got dirty or chippy that I could see. Nothing better than rivals going at it but respecting each other in the process. Best wishes to the young man from Lee that was injured!!
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