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  1. GoBearsGo

    Union at GC

    I think that part is obvious. But when the other team has their subs and JV team in midway through the 3rd is my problem. All good though, I’m sure they thought they still had a chance.
  2. GoBearsGo

    Union at GC

    Very deceiving final score. Union could have hung 50 on GC but starting subbing in the 3rd. I agree, good to see a little more of the playbook. Turner had a good game and his receivers helped him some too. Falin and Garrison both had good games. The freshman backup QB got some good minutes and made a few good throws, especially the ball to Falin on the sideline to pick up a 1st down. Not sure how I feel about the onsides kick attempt late but I guess desperate times call for desperate measures in GC. Good win for the Bears.
  3. GoBearsGo

    Union at GC

    I believe the guys above talking about scrapping the staff aren’t referring to Union. We know we have a great HC and wouldn’t trade him for anybody around. Trust me, nobody in BSG or Appy wants Phil in the mix. And we never said scrap the offense, just diversify.
  4. GoBearsGo

    Union at GC

    Oh we are thankful. Most teams would give anything for an 8 year stretch like Union has had. I think we all just see this team, like others before, aren’t reaching their potential.
  5. GoBearsGo

    Union at GC

    Well said... less predictable nails it.
  6. GoBearsGo

    Union at GC

    I agree with BBN. IMO, the problem with Union’s passing game is they go to those bubble screens primarily and when they do try to go down field it’s always to the sideline and most of the time the ball is going to a predetermined spot, there’s not much reading or options. Which is why other receivers aren’t running routes, it’s because they don’t have one. I said in a different post that I’d love to see them get #10 and #80 working across the middle or at least to the post. This week would be a great time to sort some of that out. I’d love to see them put Turner in the shotgun, go 3 wide with #10, #80 and #87 keep #3 at TE and throw it 30 times. Probably be impressed with what could happen. Coach Turner isn’t one to run it up on anybody and I’d bet we’ll see mostly T again. I say Union 38-7.
  7. GoBearsGo

    VOTE for the Week 5 Top 10

    1. Bluefield 2. Ridgeview 3. Union 4. Pulaski 5. Graham 6. Chilhowie 7. Richlands 8. Galax 9. Mount View  10. Abingdon 
  8. GoBearsGo


    Gotta give credit where credit is due. Ridgeview impressed me in a couple of ways. First, they controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Also, they flew to the ball faster on D than any team I’ve seen in a while. I wouldn’t say that Union didn’t have its “A” game, I think Ridgeview took it away. I honestly think Union was out coached tonight. The play calling hurt the Bears too. I completely understand wanting to establish the run but we have to many options in the passing game to stay in be T, especially when a team is dead set on stopping it. IMO, #10 & #80 for Union need to play more of a role in the offense. And I’d love to see them use the middle of the field. Gettting off that soapbox, congrats to the Pack on a hell of a game!
  9. GoBearsGo

    Audio Stream for Union - Ridgeview?

    Look up “The U Radio” on Facebook or Twitter. It’s a live stream station that does a good job.
  10. GoBearsGo


    I see two factors making a difference in this one. Union is experienced at not only playing, but winning big games. And special teams/kicking game will play a big role. Bears 31-20
  11. GoBearsGo

    Letcher County Central @ Union

    I expected a little more from Letcher. I agree with above, they really struggled. Union started a little sluggish but got its feet pretty quick. Defense looked good and I was glad to see us throw it around a little.
  12. GoBearsGo

    Ji Burton at Union

    I’ll be the first to chime in on tonight’s opener. Not a great start for Union but not a bad one either. The first half was about ball control. Union only had 3 drives and scored on 2. The offense looked good, especially the run game. Good group of backs. They were primarily run but did have some success with the pass. Turner seemed a little off. The over throw to a wide open Falin is one he usually makes. Union really dominated the 3rd quarter and pulled away. Jenkins had a great game running the ball, Polier is a stud on both sides of the ball, and the kicking game with Falin was a weapon. Biggest thing they gotta improve on IMO is pass coverage. Burton did have some success throwing. Burton scored twice after Union starting subbing to make the score 35-20. Decent start, could have been a little sharper in a few areas. Cleaning up some penalties and secondary and the Bears will be a tough match up.
  13. GoBearsGo

    Ji Burton at Union

    I think this will be more of the same from the last few years. IMO Union is to big and strong up front on both sides of the ball and will control the line of scrimmage. I don’t think it’ll be a high scoring game, I see Union grinding a lot of long drives out on the ground. Burton has a good RB but I think Unions strength on D will be against the run. From what I understand this is the last time these two will play and I say the Bears sweep the all time series and win 28-7.
  14. GoBearsGo

    Preseason/Week 1 Top 10 poll.

    (1) Bluefield (2) Graham (3) Union (4) Richlands (5) Ridgeview (6) Virginia High (7) Pulaski Co. (8) Chilhowie  (9) Galax  (10) Abingdon
  15. GoBearsGo

    Union/Va High Benefit Game

    I’m with everyone above. Well played game. Physically Union was the better team. I’m sure, as mentioned above, neither team showed all they had to offer. I like our run game and I think our passing game will surprise some teams. Turner made some nice throws, especially on the double out to Falin on the sideline to pick up a big first down. That throw and catch rivals any you’ll see all season long. Unions defense looked much better this week compared to the Elizabethton game. All in all a good showing for both teams. They both should be ready for a solid season.