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  1. Union has had Brandon Bunch (OL) and Justin Falin (K) commit in the last week or so. Bunch to UVA Wise and Falin to E&H.
  2. Central just has Unions number this year. It’s almost a mental thing I think. It seems like Central overplays and Union underplays when they matchup.
  3. I’m not sure that’s the case. I think by the points system posted in another thread, if Union finishes the tourney 3rd they will still be the 2 seed for region.
  4. Havoc noted on another post that battle and Abingdon will be tied given GC beats Battle. Coin flip to see who hosts.
  5. Union will be a lock at #2. Battle still plays GC tomorrow so assuming a big upset doesn’t happen I would expect Central to be #3 and Battle #4
  6. Agreed.. Mack Shupe is on the crew tonight, that probably explains a lot.
  7. 27-27 at the half. Officiating is making this game hard to watch.
  8. Kudos to Central. Depth again caught up to Union. Just can’t play a physical, tough game with 5 players. I think the zone defense hurt the Bears late, it is just to tough to rebound out of that type of defense. Guard play and turnovers in the 2nd half were about the worst I’ve seen in a while. I agree on the officiating, they were on the verge of letting that one get out of hand.
  9. For some reason central always plays union better than they do anyone else. It almost seems like the two teams are going in opposite directions at this point. Union has been playing really well the last few weeks and I think they come out ahead in this one.
  10. Good info.. So the regular season does carry weight beyond the regular season champ... I’m so confused!?! Lol That type of point system does make sense, I’ve never seen that breakdown before.
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