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  1. The U Bear

    Union @ Battle

    yea back pack. i was frustrated. jus hate it for our seniors. they deserve better.
  2. The U Bear

    Union @ Battle

    this. i really dont understand not throwing to the middle of the field. if im in the press box talking to travis on the head set id tell him to fire me if tour not going to try to take what the opposition is giving us. teams are daring us to throw it there and we dont even try. if we dont advance its on our coaches cause they are not taking whats givien to us. i love our kids vbut there not being put in positions to sucseed because of all our pack pack wearing coaches. its really frustrating when you talk to the kids and they even know how bad play calling is.
  3. The U Bear

    Abingdon @ Union

    i jus dont get it. teams are giving us the middle of the field in fact darfing us to throwv it there. we are getting man coverage with no saftey looks. we have two really good wideouts in falin and garrison who run good routes and can get seperation slants are there all day. its been that way all year. i dont recall any pass plays to the middle of the field..
  4. The U Bear

    Abingdon @ Union

    i have a question for fellow bear fans. can one of you tell me why we never use the middle of the field with our passing game? teams are bringing there safties down in the box to help stop the run and slants post patterns and dig routes are wide open. teams are daring us to throw and when we do everything is to the outside.
  5. The U Bear

    Richlands vs Graham

  6. The U Bear

    VOTE for Week 6 Top 10

    i look at these rankings and i know these are just peoples opinions and im not trying to throw shade at anybody or disrespect anybodys opinion. but do you guys really think chilhowie could beat the likes of union richlands olr graham? they are ranked by most ahead of these three teams and i just dont see it.
  7. The U Bear


    i plyed in that game at thomas walker. it was bad. i graduated at ji burton. i remember after the game both teams had some fun playing in it
  8. The U Bear

    Mountain 7 Preview

    with the pitch count rules coaches look at the schedule and set the piching rotation accordingly. if you have abingdon on tuesday and central on friday who would you pitch your ace against? witch is the more winnable game? im not saying they dont wanna win against abingdon im saying its a smarter coaching move to throw your ace in the more winnable game
  9. The U Bear

    Mountain 7 Preview

    i was replying to falcons post earlier. furthermore abingdon didnt face any teams ace pitcher during the season because teams figured why waste him on a 3a school that you probably wasnt gonna beat anyway so playing down actually hurt abingdons ability to be prepared for 3a region. now they will face good pitching
  10. The U Bear

    Mountain 7 Preview

    gatecity is a 2a school playing in a 2a district. abingdon is a 3a school playing down in a 2a district so its not the same. if i was a 3a school i wouldnt worry about playing in a 2a tournament. i would be ashamed to accept the trophy. it would be like john battle playing in 1a cumberland district. there suppose to win that so whats the point. sounds like abingdon likes being the big fish in the little pond. win the region and state in your own clssification then youll have somthing to brag about. winning a 2a tournament and then not winning in 3a region does not say much about a team in my opinion. i guess some people like being the bully and beating smaller teams but unless you win in your classification youve not really accomplished anything.
  11. The U Bear

    Gate City/Union @ UVA-Wise

    i thought the zone d frustrated gc. they couldnt get to the rim and union made them make jump shots. they made enough to win but unions zone kept it close. maybe a blueprint for teams down the road. union shot the 3 well also especially austin gibson.
  12. The U Bear

    Gate City/Union @ UVA-Wise

    70 56 gatecity final.
  13. burton beat central 55 52 sits union burton in the finals
  14. The U Bear


    is james playing in this game?i was told they have a basketball game saturday in tennessee
  15. The U Bear

    The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    thats jus dumb to even bring up the nfl on a highschool forum. i think james is the best overall athlete on the team but hes not the best at every position. the all make each other better. ive seen every game and i think owens is the best back. we dont really know if he can run between the tackles cause hes not really used that way. i think if he was asked to do that he would be successful.