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  1. Smashmouth

    Akers Out at GC?

    don't think his next gig will ask about his accomplishments/tenure on this board, just saying.
  2. Smashmouth

    Congrats Jeremy Houseright

    glad to know that m7 will be a little more solid, soon. wish a couple more programs would follow suit and better themselves.
  3. Smashmouth

    m7 outlook

    who has what this season?
  4. Smashmouth

    Chilhowie Field

    players, don't care. they just want to play.
  5. Smashmouth

    Union fans...

    arguing on the net is kinda pointless. site is supposed to be informative, fun, and just a way to keep up with teams/ players. everything else is opinionated or somewhere in between to the point nobody agrees or shares the same views. if that hurts feelings then even internet arguing is 2 tough for your thin skin. you can probably figure out a way to claim bullying/ptsd/hostile environment, etc. this is aimed at no one particular, just a general statement.
  6. Smashmouth

    Graham vs Union

    region favorite will be Graham next season respectfully after this season. players like Mitchell and Allen don't happen every year, so with the loss of him I'd say the region title will be a little closer competition than some think. like always, should come down to the best defense.
  7. Smashmouth

    2019 could be the year of the Warriors

    success at the middle school and jv level doesn't always come guaranteed at the varsity level. nor is it always a reflection of good/ bad coaching. kids and coaches gotta find realistic common ground to improve. both sides have to demand more of each other, without parents/ bleacher coaches in the way. good luck to all
  8. Smashmouth

    Mountain 7 District All District Teams

    all district is the only accolade that several of these young men will receive. nothing wrong with that, wanna say in who gets what, coach. great job to all and good luck to swd this week.
  9. regional champ will determine that
  10. Smashmouth

    Graham vs Union

    some don't like humble pie, congrats and good luck
  11. Smashmouth

    Richlands at Ridgeview

    draft pick? 2 early to tell. wait until after track season.
  12. Smashmouth

    Abingdon @ Lord Botetourt

    yea, they need to very the next of 2a and/or travel up 81 or go across state lines to get some better ooc.
  13. Smashmouth

    Graham vs Union

    records don't matter at this point, the strength of schedule simply plays out to playing at home or traveling. how many weeks your team can do either are based on too many unknown variables for even us experts on here. nobody plays on paper, good luck to all
  14. Smashmouth

    Graham vs Union

    hear they are gonna take all the smoke blown on this thread combined with the heat from the Akers thread and field should be dry in less than 10 min. woka woka woka
  15. Smashmouth

    31 year streak broken

    once in 31 years, is an accomplishment in itself. they'll be right back soon.