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  1. Tigers_07

    2019 schedules

    anyone in the russell county area know all the russell county teams schedule for this upcoming season.
  2. Tigers_07

    2019 schedules

    anymore updates on the scheduling for all the teams in our area
  3. Tigers_07

    Softball/Baseball Schedules

    anyone from the honaker area know the rest of honaker's baseball schedule and softball schedule
  4. Tigers_07

    Softball/Baseball Schedules

    we probably are playing lebanon in baseball and softball, but don't know what days tho. that was honaker baseball schedule that is incomplete that i posted.
  5. Tigers_07

    2019 schedules

    any word on what honaker's schedule will look like in 2019 as to who they picked up and who they dropped
  6. Tigers_07

    WCYB Friday Night Rivals

    im glad they're doing this. be even better if they can somehow do a "SWVA GAMEDAY'' leading up to the big game
  7. Tigers_07

    Softball/Baseball Schedules

    i have some of Honaker's, but it's still incomplete 3/12 Holston Home 3/14 Northwood Home 3/16 Richlands Away 3/26 Northwood Away 4/2 Patrick Henry Home 4/3 Eastside Home 4/6 Princeton, WV Away (Coppinger Tournament) 4/16 Grundy Home 4/26 Hurley Away 4/30 Patrick Henry Away 5/3 Grundy Away 5/7 Twin Valley Home 5/8 Eastside Away 5/10 Holston Away 5/14 Hurley Home
  8. Tigers_07

    Changes for 2019

    heard thru the grapevine that rural retreat is moving from the Mountain Empire District/Region 1C back to the Hogoheegee/Region 1D starting next year. any truth to this?
  9. Tigers_07

    2019 schedules

    not 100% sure, but honaker is rumored to drop George Wythe, Patrick Henry, and J.I. Burton and are in talks with Rural Retreat and two teams, one from WV and one from TN.
  10. Tigers_07

    Chiefs /Rams

    can anyone get the complete stats from this game from both teams. i see these two going at it again in the Super Bowl, that's if the Chiefs can dethrone the Patriots in the AFC and the Rams get by the Saints in the NFC
  11. Tigers_07

    2018 Class 2 Bracket Challenge

    A No. 1 Goochland No. 4 King William No. 3 Poquoson No. 2 Amelia County B No. 1 East Rockingham No. 4 Clarke County No. 6 R.E. Lee No. 2 Central-Woodstock C No. 1 Radford No. 4 Gretna No. 3 Appomattox No. 2 Glenvar D No. 1 Ridgeview No. 5 Richlands No. 3 Graham No. 2 Union Goochland Amelia County East Rockingham Central-Woodstock Radford Appomattox Ridgeview Graham Goochland East Rockingham Appomattox Ridgeview East Rockingham Appomattox Appomattox 49
  12. Tigers_07

    2018 Class 1 Bracket Challenge

    A No. 1 Franklin No. 4 Essex No. 3 Rappahannock No. 2 Northumberland B No. 1 Riverheads (BYE) No. 4 Atavista No. 3 Central-Lunenberg No. 2 William Campbell (BYE) C No. 1 Galax No. 4 George Wythe No. 3 Parry McCluer No. 2 Narrows D No. 1 Chilhowie No. 4 Grundy No. 3 J.I. Burton No. 2 Patrick Henry Franklin Rappahannock Riverheads Central-Lunenberg Galax Narrows Chilhowie Patrick Henry Rappahannock Riverheads Galax Chilhowie Chilhowie Riverheads Riverheads 56
  13. Tigers_07

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 11

    Abingdon Brooke, WV Ft. Chiswell Radford Union Grundy Ridgeview Graham Tazewell  Richlands George Wythe Narrows  Hurley  JI Burton Eastside Chilhowie Patrick Henry Rye Cove No. 23 Virginia Marshall No. 6 Georgia No. 12 West Virginia No. 5 Michigan No. 24 Boston College Tennessee No. 1 Alabama Minnesota Pittsburgh Houston Los Angeles Chargers New England GotW Galax 42
  14. Tigers_07

    Score Updates: Week 10 (10/25/18 and 10/26/18)

    Northwood/Honaker updates
  15. Tigers_07

    Score Updates: Week 10 (10/25/18 and 10/26/18)

    No clue. I'm at work