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    Bluefield’s Sean Martin

    Has Bluefield ever had this many D-1 prospects on a team all at once...they look to be loaded...i know social media has helped a lot so I wouldn't be surprised if they have had this much talent at once as good as they have been over the years...only if social media was around back in the day.

    VA Championship Updates

    August can't get hear fast enough.....Radford and Goochland will be there at the end again next year they was playing some very young guys and the QB and rb spots...appomattox was kinda young to so they will be tough....looking forward to see how the Blues will look....

    Graham/Goochland: VA 2A Championship

    I don't think Bluefield could have beat Graham if they played week 10 ....The g -men grew up a lot from week 1 to the end...

    VA Championship Updates

    Dislocated shoulder is what I heard.

    Graham/Goochland: VA 2A Championship

    Goochland was beat from the get go...there defense made it look like a better ballgame than it was....this game should have been worst than last week in Radford....i knew after I watched film on goochland they was in trouble...even if there backfield had been healthy they was still beat...hard to win at that level and be 1 dimensional...

    VA Championship Updates

    Don't see it....Cam Allen being gone is why...they had a few play makers but Allen was a difference maker ever time he touched the ball.that kid deserves a ring for each finger....

    VA Championship Updates

    Won a state title on coach Carlocks birthday......cant beat that.....

    Weather this weekend

    Graham is so hot right now any snow on the field will melt in front of the ball carrier as he runs.

    Chilhowie/Riverheads, Part II: VA 1A Championship

    That's unreal for a signal a team....or even 2a teams around our area..
  10. #1BLUESFAN

    Chilhowie/Riverheads, Part II: VA 1A Championship

    How many new players are on riverheads roster that didnt attend riverhead last year...
  11. #1BLUESFAN

    Graham/Goochland: VA 2A Championship

    If they stop Allen they will beat Graham...but that's not easy to do...
  12. #1BLUESFAN

    Chilhowie Field

    Guess I wasted 10 bucks...lol
  13. #1BLUESFAN

    Chilhowie Field

    Yea I'm waiting too...has the game started yet or is it delayed.
  14. #1BLUESFAN

    Galax vs Chilhowie Game Day

    Is the game free to watch or do u have to pay
  15. #1BLUESFAN

    WV AA Championship ... Bluefield vs Fairmont Senior

    That no. 5 that transferred to Fairmount was a stud...