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    Richlands at William Byrd

    I heard Radford for one of them..but may not be true.

    Richlands at William Byrd

    How do you guys see this one playing out.The blues play a undefeated 4a team for the 2nd straight week.I think the blues will do a lot better this week than last..its gonna be a tough one for the blues bit don't think there as good as Blacksburg.

    Union at GC

    Union will have there 2nd team in b4 halftime I'd say....

    Richlands at Blacksburg....

    Yea I should have worded it a lol different.I know the blues will have a hole to dig themselves out of but once we get past Bluefield I like our chances on the rest of the games.but the blues are gonna have to play good ball those last 5 games are no walk in the park either....I think we can get in with 4 wins I don't like the ideal of a 4 win team getting in.but look at last season we was probably the best 4 win team in the state and could hold our own with just about Everbody in 2a...I feel the same with this years team...the overall record won't show how good they are because that is a tough schedule for any 2a school in va.

    Richlands at Blacksburg....

    The Bluefield game will be much the same I'm afraid...Bluefield line looked bigger than Blacksburg but Blacksburgs linebackers and she's lokked bigger than Bluefields...this is just a off year for the Blues when it comes to speed...But we get thur the next 2 games healthy and we will be fine and ready come playoff time.


    Wouldn't say that just yet..still a lot of football to be played...

    Richlands at Blacksburg....

    Christiansburg has turf now could be the reason...

    Richlands at Blacksburg....

    Yea he starts at wr think he wears number 4

    Richlands at Blacksburg....

    Fastest kid on the blues team is a freshman.....and he is gonna be a very good if he has a qb",to get him the ball the next few years
  10. #1BLUESFAN

    Richlands at Blacksburg....

    Gonna be a tough game for the blues on the road...Blacksburg seems to be able to run and pass the ball well...what y'all think.
  11. #1BLUESFAN


    I say union 42-28....
  12. #1BLUESFAN

    VOTE for Week 3 Top 10 List

    I like twin valley I'm originally from Oakwood but I've lived in Richlands the last 20 years.the panther would not beat any team listed ahead of them.they just don't have the numbers to choose from..I hope they can upset Grundy which will be very hard to do..but it would be great if they do.
  13. #1BLUESFAN

    VOTE for Week 3 Top 10 List

    That's the first time twin valley has been in the conversation of a top 10 team.....I hope the do well this season.
  14. #1BLUESFAN

    VOTE for Week 3 Top 10 List

    No way is union better than Bluefield...Bluefield is the real deal..only team beating them this year in 2a is themselves
  15. #1BLUESFAN

    Week 2 grudge: Union @ Richlands

    Richlands don't have no athletes on this years team......no speed..line get pushed all over the field...