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    Grundy vs Chilhowie

    I hope Grundy pulls an upset...but it will be tough...

    Graham vs Union

    If I was union is fight tooth and nail to keep right there on bsg.....no way would I want to play Graham on the ...if ya earn the right to play home then that's where it should be unless its so bad that safety is the concern...but union should get to pick where they want it moved

    Graham vs Union

    Is this game Fri or sat....Graham will have the 2 fastest guys on the field but it being played on grass and after all the rain this week it may slow them down a step or 2.

    Richlands at Ridgeview

    Been looking forward to seeing this matchup for several years and to see Ridgeviews stadium but now that it's Saturday I'm gonna miss it due to work unless it rains Friday night or Saturday morning....

    Graham vs Union

    I hope union wins...but for a region d team to bring home a state title I believe the g-men are the only team in region d that has a good chance winning it all.

    Richlands at Ridgeview

    I didn't go but listen to it on the radio and it sounded like race wasn't throwing the ball to good tonight when we did try to pass..we will have to be able to pass the ball next week to even have a chance...but I'm happy were going on to rd 2.....

    Richlands at Ridgeview

    Im sure the weather had a lot to do with the play calling...

    Graham vs Virginia High

    If the g men was to loose there qb due to a injury then they will be in a lot of trouble...but hopefully that don't happen.

    Richlands 1st rd game

    I here we are playing Grayson co...how does the blues match up with Grayson co.....do they have a lot of speed...can the blues pull a upset.
  10. #1BLUESFAN

    WK 11 FB UPDATES 11-01-02-03-2018

    I'm so glad the Richlands qb is a senior....I don't think I could stand watching him taken snaps another year.
  11. #1BLUESFAN

    Richlands vs Va High

    Could be a lot on the line with this game but it depends what happens in a few other games....the blues could be playing for a home playoff game I hear....correct me if I'm wrong there guys....i say at Blues win 31-28
  12. #1BLUESFAN

    Abingdon @ Union

    I don't get wcyb here in Richlands is there any way to watch wcyb channel online
  13. #1BLUESFAN

    2A POY Candidates

    Fiser from Grundy has to be mentioned with the stats he has put up on offense
  14. #1BLUESFAN

    Score Updates: Week 9 (10/19/18)

    After reading how good Glenvar is all season after watching them for 1 half I don't think they have anything for Graham or union ....Richlands may hold there own with em but that match up won't happen I don't believe.
  15. #1BLUESFAN

    Score Updates: Week 9 (10/19/18)

    Glenvar up 17-0 over Giles at the half