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    Bradshaw did sit out a game in football. It was the playoff game against Union.
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    'Those who made it happen"

    The following article encompasses all seasons... BristolSports @BHCSports High school sports in the area finally reached the 2020-21 finish line last week and @BHCWoodson says those who made it happen should be commended: heraldcourier.com/sports/comment great state ary-a-prep-sports-season-like-no-other-is-finally-over/article_91e1195a-da15-11eb-9136-9b03963c5568.html
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    I don’t think Bradshaw actually played a soccer game and he didn’t have to. He practiced & didn’t like it is my understanding. He sat out the football game; when Graham played Union in the playoffs.
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    Holston job

    Chris Akers. The gift that keeps on giving, just likethe jelly of the month club!
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