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  1. Graham had girls who could be coached up to match their talent but that doesn’t always happen. They play hard most games but that doesn’t translate into wins. I just don’t think SWD is anywhere on par with M7 with girls’ bb generally, speaking.
  2. Not a shocker, neither Richlands nor Graham are good at all. I figured it would be bad.
  3. I predict a massacre in Wise and on the Ridge in girls’ bb.
  4. https://www.lootpress.com/cast-your-vote-for-the-week-11-lootpress-boys-basketball-player-of-the-week/?fbclid=IwAR2E4lqY6lHWgxcNq83Ob432oVUErFEitDKUNdirpb75j85-DnP17PXcZ7I Vote for Caleb Fuller , Player of the Week!
  5. I heard he was going to UVA Wise.
  6. I put say Marion is the best in SWD, the at least two SWD teams in Tazewell Co. aren't too good. Didn't mean to step on any Scarlet Hurricane toes.
  7. Not to hurt anyone's feelings and I'm sure she's a great person but as a coach she's mediocre at best when it comes to basketball. It could be there's no one else that wanted the job and thus you take what you can get. My hat is off the anyone willing to put in the time to coach but let's face it, some are better than others, nothing personal just facts.
  8. Saw on Twiiter, Lady Blues have won 8 striaght, congrats! Beating Graham girls not really impressive though. some Graham girls have potential but it's unrealized at this point. Serious question, has Richlands played a decent team? There aren't any in SWD no offense to anyone. Is this phenomenon simply, the best of the worst or do they have an exceptional team? I know the Ball girl isn't there anymore.
  9. I thought he took a job in TN unrelated to coaching. I could be misinformed.
  10. Union doing pretty well against Blue Devils tonight. I’m going out on a limb and say , Bears will be Region D Champs. I don’t think SWD has anyone that could take them at this point. I could be totally wrong , it’s just my humble opinion.
  11. Totally agree! They are absolutely top notch folks! It's utterly ridiculous how everything went down with that "situation" at Richlands. Jody should have never lost his coaching position. Richlands seems to be getting in the habit of letting some of their best coaches go and those coaches ending up in programs up this way that value & appreciate them.
  12. Sawyers was the most improved player in my opinion from start of the season until he was injured. It was a huge loss not having him & Blevins on defense the final game. Graham managed up until that game without them but it was hard to stop all the outside runs minus him & Blevins to defend. He'll be back & I'm sure even better.
  13. Horribly officiated game. I usually have nothing to say as far as officiating. It’s a thankless hard job but it was pretty bad all around. When officials try to overly control the game calling so many fouls that probably weren’t fouls, they end up losing “control” of said game. It was getting pretty dicey near the end. Graham may or may not take SWD but I don’t look for them to go too deep in the playoffs regardless; unless they become much better shooters and ball handlers. They’re not a bad team but they’re not a great team either but they may take off & really improve. Just my opinion, others may disagree.
  14. Thanks and that’s no surprise. He deserved it!
  15. Any word on 2A All-State? I believed they voted today.
  16. Is it really a brawl if the mama’s don’t charge the court and get in on the action? 😂
  17. Unfortunately, Graham is a basketball team full of football players. They missed a lot of shots that they should have made. Unless they improve, their post season will be short-lived. The JV team has some boys that are much better shooters than some of the varsity players. IMHO
  18. If I were a betting person, I'd say most likely. Graham may get a win. Not sure about girls' teams.
  19. Middle school girl drama got nothing on this thread 😂. Fun times!
  20. You forgot to correct "we're" in "were just beginning" 😂
  21. I'd think I would try to find a replacement a little closer than Keyser. They could possibly play several TN teams that would be a heck of a lot closer than that. Like you said, that will be rough.
  22. Not saying that at all. Bradshaw deserves the recognition he got. I'm specifically referring defensive back only, I'd swap Watkins for 1st team & Bradshaw 2nd team. Or put Mullins from Tazewell on 1st team. That's just my opinion, and counts for absolutely zero, lol.
  23. There's a couple they got wrong IMO. I'd swap Watkins & Bradshaw for DB. Surprised about Mullins too.
  24. From GHS FB page. Congratulations to the following members of the All-Region D 2021 Football Team: Coach of the Year: Tony Palmer Offensive Player of the Year: Zach Blevins 1st Team Offensive Unit Quarterback - Zach Blevins O. Lineman - Brody Meadows O. Lineman - Conner Roberts Running Back - Ty’Drez Clements Receiver - Xayvion Turner-Bradshaw Kick Returner - Xayvion Turner-Bradshaw 1st Team Defensive Unit D. Lineman - Conner Roberts Defensive End - Zach Blevins Defensive Back - Xayvion Turner-Bradshaw Punt Returner - Xayvion Turner-Bradshaw 2nd Team Offensive Unit Kicker - Ben Morgan 2nd Team Defensive Unit D. Lineman - Brody Meadows Linebacker - Brayden Meadows Linebacker - Sean Hughes Defensive Back - Brayden Watkins Won’t lie a couple of these baffle me but congratulations to all!
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