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  1. Going with the blues, playing good when it counts, little more disciplined.
  2. Seems that you like to stir the pot, looking back it is apparent that you only comment with negative posts about everyone else's programs. Guessing you never got on the field in high school and now as a young adult these feelings can't be tamed any more and we understand this is your outlet to Express yourself. Your hatred for union and gc grows from years past in the highlands district underachieving and dreaming about playing the first week of December. Cheer and be positive for your own team, energy put to much better use. Wise came to play, and wore the bears out, found a weak spot and had success all night. Congrats and good luck, rematch in the playoffs?
  3. No excuse for getting taken to the woodshed.
  4. Looks like central showed up, tough muddin from here.
  5. Rollback renegades? Lol just one more, good luck to both
  6. Yes, but get the 1 seed and guess who's coming to town 2nd round, could be interesting. 2d is just tough.
  7. Silly that you get equal points playing down or even close to it. But that being said, tough schedule is gonna be better come mid November through December.
  8. Bad juju to be talking of next season when this one isn't over. Just saying
  9. 119 yards was good against that defense, and he earned every one of them, watching the replay, looked as if he went out pretty often. He healthy? Polier had a better night, it happens. Hope they both get a chance to earn a free education.
  10. I believe they only have 2/3 games that aren't "meat " and they have ti play them.
  11. Some backs can't take the pounding, some can, 2 different skill sets, but you gotta be physical enough to stay in the game and not look for the sideline every opportunity! Fun watching both, and able to rewind it to see it again.
  12. And did it while playing both ways!
  13. You never know, schools interest pick up some after some good matchups like these.
  14. Seems like a good way to put doubt in the minds of the tornado faithful, silly tactics coincidentally at the same time they're finding their groove. Well played lol
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