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  1. Comparable to Blue Chips? Bahahaha
  2. Check the winter and spring sports if you want to see who might be stepping up for the fall! It's like racing in elementary school p.e. if you get going early, you win at the end.
  3. Whatever the case, not sure how you compare four different teams in two different years. Makes for interesting talk but the numbers don't lie. None of it will hold much water when thinking about what lies down the road in the semis. Statistically speaking, never would have thought union would be held to nothing the way they were, but it happened just as it happened in bluefield the first time was a big surprise that went the other way. After watching g-men play, I hope they bring the same intensity and attitude to appomattox. Good luck.
  4. Central is dangerous, they don't know they're not supposed to be there. Young and hungry, hope it's enough, good luck.
  5. Especially since the venue in question has been recognized and used how many years? Terrible effort lol
  6. It'll depend on how well those quick lineman hold up, and get down on those lbs, if they play solid defense it'll be interesting
  7. Anyone that has played/coached and won/lost in loud stadiums always appreciate it. When teams win in a loud stadium they are thankful for the loud support but fail to blame it for a loss. Take notes from the kids and just enjoy the game. Just as any community has great supporters, I can assure you that you represent the small contingent existing on both sides that simply look for the negatives. I guess if you were to call plays, you'd only call the plays that result in TDs. Come on man/woman, you've got to be better than that. Maybe take up trout fishing.
  8. Toughest schedule? Don't know, several on here look as tough or a little tougher but that's irrelevant once the playoffs start. Point system is flawed without doubt.
  9. Now, I believe central can say they're solid. Great win, good luck next week to both.
  10. Perhaps if things were perfect, this should be the region championship, thankful others brought it this season to make things interesting. All about matchups in high school. Good luck and glad it's decided on the field and not paper or discussion boards.
  11. Said it early in the season, looking like big blue from days past. Great season, hoping for more success and building the conference/ region into a more competitive place to play. Always gonna be a couple near the top above everyone else, getting those guys from the depths is great.
  12. Think it's more likely due to weak ooc schedule, stil a good season for them again, with opportunities to win and secure a better spot than the current rock and a hard place. They're getting consistent, just gotta get over the hump.
  13. Don't seem right to put it on a team that probably had already started turning equipment in and ready for winter sports either. Should and could be fixed by taking away the playoffs charity system allowing too many in.
  14. Win or lose, the coaching change has been a blessing.
  15. Don't know that I'd call the program solid yet. A marquee win could be a turning point but with that being said, next step is to do it in November. Good luck 2d
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